Custom Bikes

Custom Bikes

Custom Bikes

If you are looking for a custom bike build Cycles UK have a few different options for you. Our shops in Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and London can help you get your dream bike. 

The most popular route is to get a factory custom bike through programmes like Orbea MyO and Trek Project One. This lets you take a stock bike and have it painted the colour you want at the factory so you get the best quality paint job. Then you can have the factory swap out key components to suit your preferences. The result's a bike built to the highest standards, at the brands’ own facility and delivered to you exactly how you want it.

Trek Project One

Trek have Project One as an option on many of their higher-end bikes, typically over around £4000 to £5000. With Project One you can pick the colour you want your bike painted. You can also swap out components from tyres and wheels to suspension and saddles. Within Project One there are different levels depending on how much customisation you want. Project One, Ultimate Trek will even develop new colours for you. There is also an option to collect your bike from Trek headquarters in America.

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Orbea MYO

Orbea MyO works in a similar way to Trek Project One. Taking one of their standard bikes and changing the colours and swapping out key components such as suspension and wheels. The big difference is that Orbea have MyO available on bikes starting at around £2500 to £3000, and you can often get the custom colours at no extra cost. This brings the price of a custom, one-off bike, to a lot more people. For the 2022 model year, we have purchased a number of MyO blank frames which will allow our customers to get to jump the queue for customisation on selected models.

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Riese & Muller Electric Bikes

Where Project One and MyO focus on custom paint, Riese & Muller focus on accessories. Riese & Muller is an innovative German company dedicated to making the best electric bikes on the market. Riese & Muller design bikes to order in Germany and typically have a lead time of between 4 and 8 weeks. Because Riese & Muller design bikes to order you can customise them to your needs. You can add all kinds of cargo racks and boxes, different displays, extra batteries, integrated locks and lights. Their current range has 17,000 different combinations for you to pick from.

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Shop Custom Builds

In addition to the above schemes like MyO and Project One Cycles UK can, of course, create custom builds in our stores. We can work with you to source a frame, groupset, wheels and finishing kit to put together your dream bike. Just contact your local store to get started.

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