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Orbea MyO

Orbea MyO

With Orbea MyO you can have your new Orbea bike custom painted at the Orbea factory in the colour scheme you want. Orbea offers MyO as an option on most bikes above about £3000 to £4000. In most cases, your custom paint job will come at no extra cost. 

As well as picking the colour you want your new bike painted, you can also choose some of the specifications. On most bikes, Orbea will offer the choice of a couple of different wheels, different groupsets and suspension. There will normally be an extra cost for these items. It is still significantly cheaper than buying the same parts aftermarket. Orbea will also let you pick things like handlebar width, saddle and stem length. So you get the best ergonomic fit on your bike.

What Colour Can I have?

On most bikes you will get a choice of 24 colours for the main part of your frame, then you can pick from the same 24 colours for your secondary accent colour, pick from 24 options again for your logos and graphics. So there are hundreds of options available. Once you have picked your colours Orbea will hand paint your frame to order at their factory in northern Spain.

How Long Does It Take?

Orbea builds all their bikes at their facilities in Spain and Portugal with MyO bikes normally being done in Spain. Exactly how long your bike will take will depend on the production schedule and what else they are building at the time. It can be anything from a month to 6 months. However, we can help you jump the queue on certain bikes.

Jumping the queue on Orbea MyO

We have pre-ordered a number of MyO ‘blank’ frames for the 2022 model year. This allows our customers to jump the queue on certain models including the Orca and Orca Aero as we have bikes already scheduled in for customisation with Orbea.

How can I order a MyO bike?

The easiest way to order a MyO bike is to start on the Orbea website. Pick from either the road MyO selection or the mountain bike MyO selection and configure your bike how you want it. You can then either send the order to us through Orbea’s system, email it to us or print it out and we can get the order confirmed for you.

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