Top 10 Hybrid Bikes

Top 10 Hybrid Bikes

Top 10 Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are great for commuting, fitness and generally getting around. They are one of our biggest selling categories of bike as they are so versatile. We sell hybrid bikes from Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Orbea, Whyte and Raleigh. Below we have put together our top 10 hybrid bikes. These are our best-selling bikes in 2022/2023, so it gives a good idea of what bikes are popular.

It is worth noting that bike availability was still pretty limited in the first part of this period. So these numbers are skewed a little by which bikes we had stock of.

Based on units sold our top 10 hybrid bikes are:

1) Trek Dual Sport 2 Gen 4 - £675

If we had to guess our best-selling hybrid bike it would either be the Dual Sport 2 or the FX 2. When we ran the numbers it was pretty close but did sell about a 20 more of the Dual Sport 2 over the year.

The Dual Sport 2 comes with a suspension fork and grippy tyres for use on mixed terrain. So it's good for roads, paths and tracks. With hydraulic disc brakes and reliable Shimano gearing it is a great value package.

2) Trek FX 2 Disc - £690

Just behind the Dual Sport 2 is the Trek FX 2 in our top 10 hybrid bikes. This bike is designed to be fast on the road and on short sections of hard packed trail. It's a brilliant commuting bike. It is also great for fitness and general riding when you will spend most of your time on tarmac. The FX 2 is available as both a standard and stagger frame bike. The unisex stagger frame has traditionally been seen as a lady's bike.

3) Trek FX 3 Disc - £975

For those who want to go even faster on the road. The Trek FX 3 comes with a carbon fibre fork to make the bike lighter and smoother. A simplified 1x drivetrain keeps the bike fast, and gives you plenty of gears to get up hills, while being easier to maintain.

4) Trek Dual Sport 1 Gen 4 - £575

It may be a little surprising that the Trek Dual Sport 1 is less popular than the more expensive Dual Sport 2. The Dual Sport 1 is a decent bike but it comes with cheaper gears than the Dual Sport 2 and mechanical disc brakes. The mechanical discs work but they are not as nice to use as the hydraulic ones on the Dual Sport 2. They also tend to need more fettling to stop them rubbing. If you are only going to use a bike occasionally the Dual Sport 1 is fine. If you are going to use the bike regularly, and depend on it for commuting, the Dual Sport 2 is worth the extra money. That’s why it’s more popular.

5) Trek FX 3 EQ - £1100

This bike comes already fitted with mudguards, rack, lights and a kick stand. Buying the bike with all of these parts fitted is cheaper than buying them separately. So its good value as well as less effort. If you are a regular commuter on the road, or will be using your bike a lot for transport, the fully equipped Trek FX 3 EQ is an excellent choice.

6) Specialized Sirrus 1.0 - £425

The first non-Trek bike to break into out top 10 hybrid bikes is the Specialized Sirrus. It's a similar bike to the Trek FX series and is mainly designed to be fast on the road. The Sirrus 1.0 is the entry level bike and comes with super simple rim brakes and basic Shimano gears. If you want a low maintenance bike, at a really affordable price, the Sirrus 1.0 is a good option. Like the Trek FX it is available with a unisex stagger frame as well as the regular cross bar one.

7) Whyte Malvern - £850

Whyte are mainly known as a mountain bike brand and the Malvern inherits some of that off-road know-how. Designed in the UK the Malvern is intended for use on a mix of surfaces and comes with a suspension fork, hydraulic brakes and excellent off-road handling. It is available in both men’s and women’s versions.

8) Specialized Sirrus 2.0 - £599

The Specialized equivalent of the Trek FX 2, the Sirrus 2.0 would normally be higher up the list. It hasn’t done as well this year due to availability issues early on in 2022. It is a very similar bike to the FX 2, coming with virtually the same equipment. It is available in a slightly bigger range of colour and sizes though, so you may be able to find a better fit with the Sirrus.

9) Whyte Whitechapel - £750

Whereas the Whyte Malvern is a multi-surface bike the Whitechapel is designed for use around town. It still has a mountain bike inspired design so it’s super stable and comfortable with nimble handling. Being designed in the UK it will also stand up well to UK road conditions if you are commuting year-round.

10) Cannondale Quick CX 4 - £650

Cannondale are known for their lightweight aluminium bikes. The Quick CX 4 pairs a lightweight frame with a suspension fork for a versatile multi-surface bike. It’s a great bike to round out our top 10 hybrids.

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