Cycle To Work Scheme

Cycles UK accepts all major Cycle To Work Schemes. At Cycles UK, we support all of the leading Cycle to Work providers to offer employees the best choice of premium bike brands not available from all high street bike shops. If you cycle to work, you can save 26-40% on a new bike and accessories thanks to a government-backed scheme that makes buying a new commuter bike much more affordable. The Cycle to Work Scheme is a salary sacrifice. Your employer buys the bike for you, and you pay them back out of your wages. Your Cycle scheme payments will be deducted from your pay. This is taken before your tax, and national insurance are calculated, saving you money.

We provide complete UK coverage via our website. No matter where you are in the UK, we can deliver your bike and accessories to you. We have 7 stores in and around the South East of England if you want to get sized up for your new bike. Click Here to find your local store.

What Schemes are Available?

A couple of dozen different companies run cycle to work schemes. All are based on the same basic process. The big operators are cycle Scheme, Bike 2 Work, Halfords and cycle Solutions. Most employers now have a cycle to work scheme; it’s pretty easy for them to set up if yours doesn’t. We explain how at the bottom of the page.

How Do I Get the Voucher?

The process varies slightly from scheme to scheme. Essentially you pick a bike and tell your employer how much it costs. They will give you a voucher for the amount. You provide us with the voucher, and we will provide you with your new bike. 

Are there Rules?

There were three significant changes to the Cycle to Work scheme in 2019:

1) There used to be a limit of £1000 on cycle to work purchases. Your employer will now set the limit. They can choose to keep it at £1000 or put it up to £2000, £5000 or have no limit. It may be worth chatting with your employer and letting them know you want a higher limit and find out if they have a limit.

2) You can now get any accessories you might need for commuting.

3) Top-ups will stop. It was pretty standard for people to buy a bike worth £1200 or £1500 or cycle to work schemes with a £1000 voucher and pay the excess; this was called a top-up.

How To Use Your Voucher

If you already have a voucher, just email it to and tell us what bike and accessories you want; confirm your delivery address or the store you wish to collect from.

Purchasing a bike with a Cycle to Work Scheme couldn’t be simpler.

  • Cycles UK accept Cycle to Work vouchers for any amount
  • We have to pay a fee to accept your cycle to work voucher. Unfortunately, where these fees are very high, we do have a surcharge payable. This does not apply to all schemes. It does apply to Halfords, cycle Solutions and cycle Plus. This surcharge is between 2% and 5% on non-electric bikes and between 12% and 15% on electric bikes.
  • The website listed prices and may include discounts.
  • Cameras and GPS equipment are not permitted.
  • Multibuy and Free Gift promotions are excluded from Cycle 2 Work orders.
  • Cycle to Work can be used on sale bikes but may be subject to a surcharge of up to 10%. Email or contact your local store for details.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to help – any questions – simply call us on 01268 745556, and we will be happy to help.

Click on the Logos to Find Out More About the Various Schemes:

Cyclescheme For Employers

If you’re an employer looking to sign up with a cycle to work provider, we offer our own scheme to employers. See how you can provide your staff with a discount perk whilst saving your company money in NI contributions. To find out more use, this link Cycles UK Cycle2work Scheme or call 01268 745556.

Reasons to sign up

  • The scheme doesn’t cost anything to set up.
  • Simply sign up online, and you will be ready to offer your employees a bike within 2 weeks.
  • It’s a great employee offer, as they can save up to 40% off a new bike.
  • Cycling to work helps you stay fit and healthy, burns many calories, and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • This all makes for happier, healthier and more motivated staff.

For more information: What is the Cycle to Work scheme