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Trek Project One

Words by Cycles UK

on 06/08/2021 08:04:46


With Trek Project One you can take selected Trek road and mountain bikes and have them factory customised just for you. You pick what colour you want the bike, and what parts you want on it, and Trek will build the bike for you. By getting Trek to build the bike you know you are getting a top notch paint job and build quality, but you will also normally save quite a bit of time and money compared to trying to source all the right parts yourself for a custom build.

There are three main levels to Project One:

Standard Project One - Gives you access to around half a dozen standard paint jobs and the ability to swap out components, such as changing the width of handlebars or changing the groupset.

Project One Icon - gives you access to more premium paint jobs. Trek will often launch these paint schemes by having their pro riders use them at events like the Olympics or Tour de France. As well as the fancier paint jobs you can still pick and choose the parts you want.

Project One Ultimate - gives you the chance to have the bike painted any colour you want. Trek will even make a new colour for you if you can’t find exactly what you want.

Trek Project One is not available on all bikes. Typically it is an option on bikes with an RRP above about £5000. Models currently included in Project One are:

  • Trek Madone
  • Trek Domane SLR
  • Trek Edmonda SLR
  • Trek Speed Concept
  • Trek Domane+
  • Trek Rail
  • Trek Supercaliber
  • Trek Fuel EX
  • Trek Slash
  • Trek Top Fuel

How much does it cost?

The price of a Project One bike really depends on how much you want to change. The standard level paint jobs and a couple of minor swaps such as changing the handlebar width can be as little as £500. If you want an Icon paint scheme and also want to swap out wheels and gearing then the cost will obviously go up. You can get an idea of the pricing yourself via the online Project One tool. Just pick the bike you want and have a play around with the options and the price in the top left corner will change.

How long does it take?

In normal times a standard Project One paint job with a few minor changes takes around 2 to 3 weeks. With the pandemic we have seen some lead times go up to a year due to availability issues on individual parts. We will be able to check and give you a timeframe before you order.

How can I buy a Trek Project One bike?

You can create your own Project One bike online and then simply print out or email us what you want. Alternatively you can come in store and we can guide you through the process. As you can specify things like different handlebar widths and stem lengths it’s a good idea to have a bike fit done before the order is placed so we can be sure everything is exactly right. Our Chelmsford store are our Project One specialists.