What Bike Lock Do I Need?

What Bike Lock Do I Need?

What Bike Lock Do I Need?

A new bike is a big investment and, sadly, also a target for thieves. Having a decent bike lock can deter, slow down, or ultimately stop thieves from targeting your bike. There are hundred of locks available with prices ranging from a few pounds to a few hundred. Below we’ll tell you what to look for and recommend some of our favourite locks.

Sold Secure Locks

Many locks come with a Sold Secure rating. This means that the locks have been independently tested and given a rating from Bronze (the lowest) through to Diamond (the highest). To be covered by insurance you will normally need to have a Sold Secure lock and your insurance company will often specify what level they expect. We partner with Laka to provide 30 days free insurance for all new bike customers. Laka ask for a Sold Secure Gold lock or above.

You’ll need to check with your insurance provider but typically if your lock is not Sold Secure rated your bike won’t be covered.

Types of Lock

D-Locks or U-Locks

D-Locks, or U-Locks, are the most common type of bicycle lock. They are easy to carry in a bag and can also normally be mounted direct onto your bike frame. They are good for locking your bike to solid objects like bike racks and can be combined with cables to secure your wheels and saddle.

Chain Locks

Good, Sold Secure, chain locks tend to be very heavy and can be awkward to carry. However, they are excellent for securing your bike at home as they can be easier to loop around the bike and whatever you are locking it to.

Cable Locks

Most cable locks come with very low, or no, Sold Secure rating. As a result they are best used as backup locks or secondary locks to secure wheels, saddles or accessories.

Our Favourite bike locks

Hiplok D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder D-Lock Diamond Sold Secure - £249.99

Battery powered angle grinders have become an increasingly popular way for thieves to cut through bike locks. The Hiplok D1000 is designed in the UK to withstand severe, sustained angle grinder attacks. If you’ve got an expensive bike that needs to be locked up outside, or in a high risk area, this is the lock to go for.

Kryptonite New York Lock Sold Secure Diamond - £149.99

Kryptonite basically invented the D-Lock and tested their early versions by leaving bikes on the mean streets of New York. Their latest generation of New York locks are super tough and designed for use in high risk areas.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard U-Lock With Cable Sold Secure Gold - £59.99

If you are not in a super high risk area the Kryptolok Standard U-Lock gives a good level of protection and a great value price. It comes with an extra cable which you can loop through your wheels for added protection. It can be attached to your bike or carried in a bag.

Hiplok DX D-Lock Sold Secure Diamond - £79.99

Designed in the UK the Hiplok DX is one of the lightest d-locks around. It’s compact in size and comes with a built in clip so you can easily hook it onto a belt or bag. This makes it super convenient to use.

Hiplok Z-LokCombo Café Lock - £19.99

These small and light locks are not sold secure rated and are not designed to stand up to a serious attack. What they are great for is carrying in a jersey pocket on long rides so you can quickly lock your bike to pop into a café or shop. It should slow down a thief long enough for you to get back outside and rescue your bike.

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