Hiplok D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder D-Lock - Diamond Sold Secure

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The Hiplok D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder D-Lock - Diamond Sold Secure is specifically designed to resist angle grinder attacks. Battery powered angle grinders are the weapon of choice for the professional bicycle (and motorcycle) theif. A motorized hand tool that can cut through any lock, no matter how big, how heavy, or how expensive. To date, this fundamental problem has been largely ignored by the security industry as it has seemed too difficult to solve. That has changed with the release of the Hiplok D1000, a lightweight, mobile lock that can withstand severe, sustained angle grinder attack.

The reason for the D1000’s incredible resistance against motorized attack is a material called Ferosafe, a composite graphene material that effectively resists high power angle grinders due to it’s unique chemical and physical properties. The application of Ferosafe within the D1000’s patent pending design results in a lightweight, mobile bicycle lock that can be used in the same way as any other classic ‘U Lock’ products, but with anti-cut properties that are unrivalled.

Hiplok have a track record of delivering innovative, award winning, high quality security products that are built on an understanding of rider’s needs. Combining our skills and experience with those of the advanced material specialists that created Ferosafe has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

The technology in the D1000 is focused in material science, engineering and construction which will actually prevent a theft from occurring in the first place. We’ve combined material technology with tried and tested locking hardware to create an incredibly reliable and world beating piece of security equipment.


  • Ferosafe Graphene Composite: Resists cutting from motorized attack methods such as angle grinders.
  • Optimized Sizing: For the ideal combination of portability, locking convenience, weight and security.
  • Square Profile Premium Hardened Steel Core: Protects against traditional attack methods such as bolt croppers.
  • Rubberized Outer Surface: Prevents bike frame scratch and improves ergonomics and handling.
  • Anti Rotation, Double Locking Tabs: Highly toleranced square profile double locking mechanism doubles attack time needed.
  • 3 x High Quality Coded Keys: With registration & replacement key program to ensure safe keeping.
  • Rubberized Weather-Proof Key Seal: Protects against elements. Scalloped design ensures easy access when wearing gloves.
  • Integrated shackle and body design: Ensures smooth locking action and rattle free riding.

What are Sold Secure Locks

The Sold Secure organisation test bike locks by physically trying to break them under laboratory conditions. They then rate the locks Bronze, Silver or Gold according to how long they take to break into. Gold being the best. Insurers will insist on a standard of lock to provide cover.

Who are Sold Secure?

Sold Secure is an independent organisation. It was originally setup by Northumberland and Essex police forces with the help of the Home Office. The Master Locksmiths Association took over but still work closely with police forces.

Sold Secure have their own laboratory near Daventry where they test out locks. They have a team of professional locksmiths. They test each lock using the same tools and techniques. To see which ones stand up against attacks for the longest. Sold Secure work with police on understanding new lock breaking techniques used on the streets.

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Colours BLACK
Brand Hiplok
Model Year 2022
Barcodes 5060277663143
SKUs / Part Numbers HLDM1AB

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