Join the Fun with Our Strava Club!

Are you looking for a fun way to stay active and get rewarded for it? Look no further than our Strava Club! Whether you are commuting, mountain biking or road cycling you can track your progress with Strava. You’ll be able to see some of the routes our staff ride and get inspiration from other local cyclists. Plus, you can get rewarded with giveaways and discounts on gear through the year.

What is Strava?

Strava is a powerful fitness platform that helps people track their workouts, discover new activities, and connect with friends. It allows users to join clubs based on shared interests, such as cycling or running. By joining a club, members can benefit from motivating competitions and inspiring challenges, as well as share in one another’s successes. Strava is used by top pro cyclists as well as everyday enthusiasts to track their activity and map their rides.

Our Strava Club

Our Strava club is open to all Cycles UK staff and customers. You can download the Strava app onto your phone then find us using this link. Or you can search for Cycles UK by going to Groups and then Clubs on the Strava App. During 2023 we’ll be doing regular challenges and prize draws for Strava club members.

Strava Privacy

If you are new to Strava it’s worth checking your privacy settings. There have been stories in the past of bike thieves using Strava to work out here nice bikes are kept. There are a few simple ways to keep yourself safe:

  1. Go to Settings then Privacy Controls. Click on Map Visibility. You can then choose to automatically hide the start and end of every ride or you can hide an area around a specific address. This stops people from seeing exactly where you live or park.
  2. Also under Privacy Controls you can turn off Flybys. This is a feature which lets you track other people who are riding near you an see their route.
  3. You can also restrict your Profile Page and Activities to just your Followers so you can pick who sees what.
  4. Don’t post pictures or details of your bike. Strava gives you the option to give details of what bike you ride and upload pictures. We generally recommend you don’t do this.  

Joining our Strava club is an easy way to enhance your cycling experience. Whether you’re looking for motivation or wanting to try something new, there’s something here for everyone. So don’t wait—join today and become part of the fun!

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