Cycle To Work

Cycle to Work – Cycle Scheme

The Cycle to Work – Cycle Scheme is one of the longest-running and most popular schemes in the UK. Cycles UK is part of the Cycle Scheme ‘no quibble’ guarantee. You can use your Cycle Scheme voucher on sale bikes and in conjunction with any offers we have going on. No quibble, no extra fees and no extra payments.

Cycle Scheme’s process is now almost entirely online so it’s really quick and easy to get a bike with them.

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How to pay with Cycle Scheme

Just email a copy or picture of your Cycle Scheme voucher to, or take it into your local Cycles UK store along with some ID. We can use the number on your voucher to check it is valid and redeem it for you online. In most cases, you can get your bike the same day.

If you want to buy from the website and have the bike delivered. Please make sure you include the size of the bike and the accessories you want. Adding the items to the basket on our website and sending us a screenshot is fine.

How to get a Cycle Scheme Voucher

The exact process for getting a Cycle Scheme voucher will depend on your employer. There are two main ways to do it:

1) Get a quote for a bike. Some employers will ask you to get a quote for the exact bike and accessories you want. Normally we will just send you an email with the information. You forward this to your HR Department. Once it is approved you will get a voucher for the amount on the quote.

2) Get a fixed amount. Some employers will allow you to just get a voucher for a fixed amount of money. You can then pick what bike and accessories you would like. It is worth knowing that the amount you repay will be whatever is on the voucher. So if you get a voucher for £1200 but only spend £900 you will still have to repay £1200. 

If you have any questions about using Cycle Scheme just give us a call on 01268 745556 or email