New Premium Bike Delivery Services

We are launching two new Premium Bike Delivery services in England and Wales. We have been running an informal trial on these services for the last few months. They have proved very popular with our customers.

You will now see two new options when buying a bike. They are Local Hand Delivery (London, Essex & Kent) and Premium Hand Delivery.

What is Local Hand Delivery?

This is a service we have been running informally for the last couple of years. We have 7 stores around Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and London and we regularly have a van running between them delivering bikes and parts. If you are local to our stores we will just make a diversion to you and drop your bike off. Your bike will be fully built and ready to ride. We can also usually give you a more accurate time slot than you would get with our couriers so there is less waiting around. Local Hand Delivery is free on bikes over £400.

What is Premium Hand Delivery?

Our Premium Bike Delivery service is pretty simple. Rather than boxing up your new bike and giving it to a courier we will put it one of our own vans and drive it to you. Your new bike will be fully built and ready to ride. We will fit the pedals and can fit other accessories like mudguards and racks if you want them. You’ll have the chance to have a sit on the bike to double-check the size. We can also help you get it registered and activated. We’ll also take any packaging away with us so you don’t have to deal with it. Premium Hand Delivery is currently available in England and Wales. It costs £100 on bikes under £3000 and is free on bikes over £3000.

Courier Delivery

Alongside our new premium bike delivery services we will still be offering courier delivery, including a Saturday delivery service. With courier delivery all of our bikes are fully built before dispatch. This includes setting up the gears and brakes. We then remove the pedals, and turn the handlebars to box the bike up and send it to you.