Bicycle Test Rides

Test rides are an important part of buying a new bike. At Cycles UK we have 7 stores around Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and London where you can test ride bikes. All have either low traffic, or traffic free, places for you to ride.

Why test ride a bike?

 Bike technology is changing fast. A test ride is a great way to get a feel for the latest electric motors, electric gears, or the ever bigger tyres being fitted to bikes. It’s also a great way to double-check sizing and make sure the riding position of a bike will work for you.

Electric bike test rides

We love getting people out on electric bikes. Nearly everyone who tries one is blown away by how fun and easy they are to ride. There are now several different motor systems on the market from brands including Bosch, Shimano and TQ. While you can look up all the stats online a test ride will give you a feel for how smoothly they pull, how much acceleration is available and how easy it is to switch modes.

How do test rides work?

All our stores provide test rides for customers looking to buy a new bike. They typically last up to 20 minutes and are designed to give you a good feel for the bike. Before you go on a test ride we will normally spend some time discussing different models of bike with you and making sure we have the right size. Once we have narrowed down the bike you want to buy we can get you out on a test ride. In many cases a member of staff can accompany you on the test ride to answer questions as you go.

In order to test ride a bike we will need to see your photo ID and proof of address. We normally also ask for a deposit on the bike which is normally paid by credit or debit card using chip and pin.

Test rides can often be arranged on the spot but if there is a specific model, or size, of bike you are interested in it is best to contact the store first.

Are there any reasons why a test ride would not be available?

We do reserve the right to refuse test rides. We will also typically not run test rides in bad weather (icy roads, high winds or pouring rain). Test rides may also not be available during peak periods.

What if I want a longer test ride?

We have access to a small number of demo bikes which can be borrowed for a half or full day. Just contact your local store to find out more.