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The Cateye Sync Kinetic is the newest and most advanced rear light from Cateye. Bright enough for daytime or night time use this small light packs in 5 LED bulbs which give out up to 50 lumen. The Sync Kinetic is smart in two ways:

  • Kinetic The Sync Kinetic contains an accelerometer which detects when you are braking or slowing down and releases a burst of light to alert other road users.
  • SYNC the Sync Kintetic is part of Cateye's Sync system so it can be paired with up to 7 different lights and they can all be controlled from your phone.

The Cateye Sync Kinetic is ideal for anyone doing a lot of miles over the winter, whether you are a commuter or a regular road rider.

  • 5 LED design (1 x 30, 4 x 5 Lm) with large 30 Lm main LED providing increased visibility from distance
  • Permanent kinetic functionality across all modes 50 Lm burst under braking / deceleration to alert other road users behind you
  • Customise modes via the SYNC app
  • Superior side-on visibility for added safety at junctions and crossroads
  • USB rechargeable battery

Mode: Output, Runtime Kinetic: 50 Lm burst in all modes High: 40 Lm, 1.5 hrs Low: 4 Lm, 15 hrs Flashing: 30 Lm, 50 hrs Group Ride: 40 Lm, 15 hrs (low pulse) Rapid: 50 Lm, 20 hrs Daytime HyperFlash: 50 / 50 Lm, 30 hrs

Charging Time: 2.5 hrs Weight: 41g incl. band

CatEye SYNC means:

Synchronised Customisable Communicative

Synchronised: CatEye SYNC is an easier, quicker and safer lighting solution for many types of cyclists, from commuters to enthusiast riders. CatEye SYNC means easy on/off all lights can be turned on/off through one switch on the front light. No separate remote required. CatEye SYNC makes you stand out synchronise the flash timing of rear lights for improved visibility to other vehicles on the road, day or night.

Customisable: CatEye SYNC is compatible with Smartphones, using the CatEye SYNC app to set up and monitor up to 7 SYNC lights. Exclude modes you're not going to use on the front SYNC Core light Synchronise the SYNC rear lights so that they flash in unison. Synchronise the SYNC rear lights to all activate in Kinetic mode.

Communicative: The CatEye SYNC app includes battery level information for all SYNC lights, all communicated through the SYNC Core front light switch. The SYNC Core monitors power levels and connectivity, eliminating any worries over whether your rear lights are still illuminated and synced while riding. No more checking behind you! The CatEye SYNC app's Find Me mode identifies which rear lights need charging if you are using multiple numbers of the same rear light.

Bike Lights - How Many Lumen Do You Need?

Bike lights are rated in Lumens. A Lumen is the measurement of the total visible light emitted and is commonly used for all kinds of bulbs.

One thing worth noting is that most lights advertise their headline rate. Packaging may say 1000 lumens. Reading the small print they might only do that for an hour. That light may run 500 or 600 lumens for 2 or 3 hours. So it's worth buying a light with more lumens than you need to get decent running times.

There is no fixed agreement on how many Lumens you need for a bike light as it depends on the type of cycling you are doing. As a rough guide we say that:

  • Daytime running lights = 100+ Lumens
  • Urban commuting lights = 50 to 200 Lumens
  • Rural riding lights = 400 to 600 Lumens
  • Trail riding lights = 600+ Lumens

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