Hiplok Spin Wearable Chain Lock

Hiplok Spin Wearable Chain Lock

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The Hiplok Spin Wearable Chain Lock is Hiplok’s lightest wearable lock. With an four digit combination there are no keys required so it’s even easier to use. Hiplok’s wearable fastening adjusts to fit your waist without being locked to your body, providing a safe and convenient way to carry a secure chain lock.

The Hiplok Spin is not sold secure rated so should be used for quick stops in low risk areas or as a secondary lock.


  • Secure wearable chain lock
  • 6mm hardened steel chain
  • Integrated 4-digit combination lock
  • Wearable - safe & removable
  • Adjustable fit (26"- 44" waist)
  • 75cm locking length
  • Weight: 800g

What are Sold Secure Locks

The Sold Secure organisation test bike locks by physically trying to break them under laboratory conditions. They then rate the locks Bronze, Silver or Gold according to how long they take to break into. Gold being the best. Insurers will insist on a standard of lock to provide cover.

Who are Sold Secure?

Sold Secure is an independent organisation. It was originally setup by Northumberland and Essex police forces with the help of the Home Office. The Master Locksmiths Association took over but still work closely with police forces.

Sold Secure have their own laboratory near Daventry where they test out locks. They have a team of professional locksmiths. They test each lock using the same tools and techniques. To see which ones stand up against attacks for the longest. Sold Secure work with police on understanding new lock breaking techniques used on the streets.

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

Sizes 6MM
Brand Hiplok
Barcodes 5060277661309, 5060277661316, 5060277661613

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