What Cycling Equipment do I need?

Essential Cycling Equipment

If you are new to cycling it’s difficult to know what equipment you really need. There are thousands and thousands of cycling accessories, parts and upgrades available, all of which claim to be essential. In this guide we take you through the equipment new cyclists really need and the some of the equipment which you might want to think about buying in the coming months.


Essential Equipment for New Cyclists

Bike Pump

Cycling Essentials - Bike Pump

Having your tyres at the correct pressure will make your bike faster and more comfortable to ride. A pump is also essential for fixing any punctures. Read our guide to find out which pump you need to buy.


Tyre levers

Cycling Essentials - Tyre Levers

You are probably going to get a puncture at some point. When you do you will need a set of tyre levers to fix it. Find out what tyre levers are and what our favourite ones are. 


Spare tubes

Cycling Essentials - Inner Tubes

The last thing you want to be doing is trying to patch a puncture at the side of the road in the rain. It’s therefore much better to carry a spare tube (or two). Read our guide to picking the correct inner tube size.



Cycling Essentials - bike multitool

A cycle specific multitool should have all the bits you need to tighten up any loose bolts, adjust saddle heights or do other basic repairs. Read our guide to find out which bike multi tool to carry.


Water Bottle

Cycling essentails - Bike water bottle

If you are doing longer rides you will want to carry some water and a traditional water bottle is the easiest way to do it. Read our guide to the different types of water bottles and cages and find out how to keep them clean.



Cycling Essentials - cycling helmet

While you don’t have to wear a helmet most people will want to wear one, and make sure it fits and is comfortable. Read our guide to choosing the right cycling helmet



Other cycling equipment you may need

Depending on the type of riding that you are going to be doing you may need a few extra bits of equipment. These include:

Bike Lights

Cycling essentials - bike lights

If you are going to be commuting you will need some decent lights, but lots of road cyclists are now also using daytime running lights year round.Read our guide to the types of bike lights you might need


Bike Lock

Cycling essentials - bike lock

Another essential for commuters is a good lock but depending on where you are going to keep your bike you may also want to lock it at home. Read our guide to the different types of bike lock you could get.


Cycling Essentials - Saddle Bag

If you are commuting, or riding longer distances, you will probably want a bag to carry your essentials, or a change of clothes in. Find our about the different options for carrying your stuff when out on your bike


1st Equipment Upgrades

Once you get bitten by the cycling bug you will want to start riding further and riding faster, especially if you have cycling friends to keep up with. There are lots of upgrades you can make to your bike and cycling equipment but the first ones people make tend to focus on comfort, and a lot of this will be related to clothing. The first set of equipment upgrades that people commonly make include:

Cycling Shoes 

Cycling essentials - cycling shoes

Switching cycling specific shoes is one of the first things many people do when they get into ‘serious’ cycling. It will have a big impact on your comfort and speed on the bike. Read our guide to find out why you should be using cycling shoes & what type of cycling shoes you should buy

Clipless Pedals

Cycling essentials - clipless pedals

The next step from cycling shoes is clip in pedals. This is a big step for many new cyclists but one that will transform your riding. Find our why you should consider moving to clipless pedals.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling essentials - cycling shorts

Whether you want to go for full lycra shorts or a baggy alternative getting a good pair of cycling shorts will massively improve your comfort on longer rides. Find out why you should buy a pair of cycling shorts and what your options are.

Cycling Jerseys

Cycling essentials - cycling jerseys

A cycling jersey (or two) will make you more comfortable on longer rides and give you somewhere to stash essentials like a spare tube and coffee money. Read our guide to find out why you should be buying a cycling jersey.

Cycling Jackets

Cycling essentials - cycling jacket

If you are going to be commuting then a hi-viz jacket is a good buy. If you are going to be doing longer leisure rides then a waterproof jacket is needed for the changeable British weather. Our guide takes you through some of the different types of cycling jackets you can buy