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S-WORKS is the pinnacle of cycling, the epitome of the hard work and dedication that is the make-up of the bike building craft. Quite simply put, S-WORKS is a standard, of which all bikes manufacturers should aspire.
















As stated by Specialized, S-WORKS appeals to a certain type of rider...

Do you weigh your coffee beans with a carbon fibre scale before brewing? Do you use words like "proprietary" and "torsional stiffness" to describe your toothbrush? Do you find yourself racing co-workers up the stairs completely unbeknownst to them? If so, you're in good company. S-WORKS is the pinnacle of everything we're capable of. No expense is spared, no ideal too abstract, no design too extreme. An accountant from finance once told us we needed to rein in spending for S-WORKS development; he walked back upstairs with a black eye. Not that we have anything against bean-counters of course, they're some of our best customers. More importantly, S-WORKS is where innovation and design are pushed to the limits. It has to be though; when our R+D team is composed of riders like Mark Cavendish, Craig "Crowie" Alexander and Christoph Sauser, the stakes are pretty high. Above all else S-WORKS is a standard; if it's not the best, it gets tossed aside. Our dedication is relentless, some would even say borderline obsessive. We're not offended though, they're probably just the ones that we beat up the stairs.

Aero is everything (#aeroiseverything)

Introducing the S-WORKS proving ground, our wind tunnel. It's not everyday somebody can say their bike was developed and tested using the same processes that a Formula 1 car goes through. With an S-WORKS bike, you can. A great deal of effort and research goes into the finer details of each model. Tweaking and fettling until we acheive the best results.

FACT Carbon & Zertz Vibration Dampening

S-Works' FACT carbon technology provides a stiff, extremly lightweight platform to ride on. To put it into perspective, the guys over at S-WORKS say "When ten grams can be saved on a seatpost, we push it to 15. When three additional watts can be salvaged on a new headtube design, we make it five. We're committed to getting the absolute most out of these bikes because, at the end of the day, we're out there racing them too." Ultimately though, when tested, the S-WORKS range aced the weight categories, and whilst speed and weight are key the S-WORKS models were no slouches in the comfort category, either. That's down in part to the Zertz Vibration dampening technology in each bike. It takes the edge off the road and acheives the ever desirable feeling of riding on near pristine roads.

Our customers are raving about these products - and so are we!

Just about everyone is raving about the S-WORKS range. We've picked some of the popular products for you to browse. If you aren't sure what you need though, drop us a line on 01268 748 285 or visit the Canterbury, Maidstone or Norwich CyclesUK S-WORKS dealer stores.