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The Big Ex-Display Bike Clear Out

Would you like to get 48% off the price of your next bike? If the answer is yes then you need to take a look at our big ex-display bike clear out.

In the bike world it is 2018 already. To make room for the new bikes in our shops we need to get rid of the 2017 bikes. This includes our display bikes which we are selling at heavily discounted prices, from 30% to almost 50% off the retail price.

These are all brand new bikes but they will have a few minor marks on them from being on the shop floor. Some of them will also have been test ridden by customers, nothing dramatic, just a ride up and down the street to get the feel of the bike, but it may mean the tyres are not pristine.  

Due to the heavy discounts on these bikes, and the fact that they may have a few marks on them, they are not available to order online for home delivery. Instead they need to be picked up from one of our shops. This means you can check over the bike before parting with any cash to make sure we have described it properly and to make sure it is going to fit.

We are adding new bikes to our ex-display clearance page all the time but they are also selling fast. The bikes below are a selection of the best offers at the time of writing. If you see something you like it is best to get in quick as these bikes won’t hang around.

Raleigh Cameo

Raleigh Cameo – 48% off!

This Raleigh Cameo currently has the biggest discount of any bike in our ex-display clear out with a reduction from £360 to £187. It’s a perfect bike for getting around town, popping to the shops or riding to the park at the weekends and it comes already fitted with a basket, mudguards and a pannier rack. You couldn’t really ask for more from a bike at this price.


Merida Ride Juliet 100

Merida Ride Juliet 100 – 42% to 43% off!

The bikes for our ex-display clear out come from 12 different stores and as a result we currently have the Ride Juliet 100 available in a couple of different sizes at between 42% and 43% off. Ordinarily priced at £675 these bikes are now well under £400. The Merida Ride Juliet is a perfect first road bike and is designed specifically for women. So if you, or someone you know, wants to try road cycling these bikes are a great buy.


Merida Ride Disc 3000

Merida Ride Disc 3000 – 48% off!

This bike is normally £1500. We have two ex-display bikes available for £779, bringing them firmly into ‘first road bike’, ‘commuter’ or ‘winter bike’ territory. If this was going to be a winter bike or a commuter it would not stay pristine for long anyway so an ex-display bike at nearly half price is a sensible choice.


Marin Nail Trail

Marin Nail Trail – 46% off!

Mountain bikes are back in again. We have seen a big surge in mountain bike sales in the last 18 months as more people look to get off road. If you want to try mountain biking, or get back into it, then the Marin Nail Trail is a great choice. It has everything you would expect from a modern mountain bike including hydraulic disc brakes, a 120mm travel fork, 1x11 gearing and 27.5” wheels. Normally priced at £1000 we have two Marin Nail Trails available at £537.


Whyte G-160 Works

Whyte G-160 Works – 40% off!

Ok, so this bike is still over £3000. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that you can save almost £2000 off the RRP by buying this ex-display bike. The even better news is that it is a Whyte G-160 Works. These British designed bikes are built to boss Enduro races and the gnarliest black runs at UK trail centres. They are equally as home in the Alps and are capable of handling all kinds of aggressive trail riding.


Specialized Tarmac Expert E-Tap

Specialized Tarmac Expert Etap – 43% off!

The saving on this bike is £2165.00. That is a big chunk of money to save and to still get a bike as good as the Tarmac Expert. This bike comes equipped with SRAM eTap wireless shifting so that you don’t have to spoil the lovely paint job with any nasty gear cables. The Tarmac Expert is designed as a race bike and uses the same geometry as the bikes the pros ride. So if you want to get a personal best on your Sunday morning ride the Tarmac Expert is the bike to do it on.