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The Best Hardtail Ever? – The 2018 Whyte 905

2018 Whyte 905 - MBR Hardtail of the Year

Every year there area a few bikes that sell as quickly as we can get them into the stores. This year one of those bikes is the Whyte 905. Part of the reason the 905 is selling so quickly is because of a stunning 10 out of 10 review by MBR magazine which called the Whyte 905 ‘the best hardtail we’ve ridden period’.


A Very British Mountain Bike

The Whyte 905 is classed as a long travel trail hardtail. This is a type of bike that was basically invented in the UK and is mainly popular in the UK. Some of the American bike brands have had a go at making them but there isn’t really a global market. Long travel trail hardtails tend to be British Bikes for British riders. Whyte design and test all their bikes in the UK so it’s not surprising that they are one of the leaders in the long travel hardtail market. They’ve were one of the first big mountain bike companies to release a production model and have been refining their bikes ever since.


What makes the Whyte 905 the best hardtail ever?

2018 Whyte 905

Whyte have been playing around with the geometry on all their bikes in the last couple of years. A lot of manufacturers have been making their bikes shorter and more compact to give them quicker handling. Whyte have done this at the back of the bike but have fitted custom offset forks on the front which give the bike the feel of being longer, and having slacker geometry, than it really does. The upshot for the rider is a bike that handles better or steep and technical trails

As well as playing tricks with geometry the 2018 Whyte 905 plays tricks with the tyres. Whyte have fitted plus sized 2.8” tyres as standard. This gives the bike the feel of having extra suspension and a lot of extra grip which again makes the bike more stable on tough terrain.

This is the kind of thought and detail that Whyte out into their bikes. Having been making long travel hardtails for years it is no surprise that they are the best out that at making these very British Bikes.

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