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Cycles UK help over 100,000 school kids get a taste of triathlon

Triathlon Trust Cuda Performance Bikes

Cycles UK continue their partnership with the Triathlon Trust which has helped over 100,000 school kids get a taste of triathlon. After doing around 250,000 miles The Triathlon Trust are retiring their current fleet of bikes and CyclesUK are helping to build their new fleet up for them. The new bikes they are preparing come from the Cuda Bikes Performance range and will include some bikes being specially made for the Triathlon Trust.

The Trust run events for school children around the country aimed at getting them active and giving them a taste of what triathlons are all about in a fun and inclusive format.

For all the events that the Triathlon Trust run they need bikes, and lots of them. With up to 1,000 kids taking part in the events per day, there is a broad spectrum of cycling ability. So it’s important that the bikes are child friendly, easy to ride, simple to maintain and robust. The new Cuda Bikes fit the bill well. Each of the bikes is being fitted with a speed sensor at the back so it will work with the Cycleops Indoor Trainers that Cycles UK have helped to provide. The indoor trainers lets the Triathlon Trust run activities year round, and the use of bikes in a ‘static format’ means that any children who haven’t yet learnt to ride a bike can take part in the challenges, ensuring all the events are fully inclusive.

CyclesUK provide members of British Triathlon with exclusive offers and discounts. To find details of how to claim this benefit, home nation members can log in to their member benefit discount page, or contact CyclesUK direct.

About the Triathlon Trust:
The Triathlon Trust is the official charity of British Triathlon, using engaging triathlon-based activities to encourage children to lead more active, healthier lifestyles.