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Building Bikes for the Triathlon Trust

Cycles UK spent a day last week building up a new fleet of bikes for the Triathlon Trust. Cycles UK have been supporting Triathlon Trust for several years now and this is actually the second fleet of bikes we have built for them.

Cycles UK support the Triathlon Trust in a number of different ways including mechanical support, storage and leveraging our contacts in the cycle industry where needed.

We’ll be releasing more details of the new bikes we have built up for the Triathlon Trust soon, including some special models being built just for them.

Triathlon Trust Bike Builds


About Triathlon Trust

The Triathlon Trust are the official charity of British Triathlon. Established in 2012 they provide ‘active days’ to thousands of children each year. This includes running events for school children around the country, aimed at getting them active and giving them a taste of what triathlons are all about. They run two main types of events. The first is a ‘mini tri’ where children from up to 1000 kids a day from as many as 20 schools will visit a sports complex and take part in a mini triathlon which includes swimming, biking and running.

The Triathlon Trust also do smaller events for individual schools. These normally work as duathlons with the biking part done using static indoor trainers, meaning they can be run indoors and at schools with limited space. Recently the Triathlon Trust have been working with UK Space Agency to encourage schools to collectively ride and run their 715km as part of their space to earth challenge.