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Best Mountain Bikes – Trek Double Award Winners

Trek Mountain Bikes Bikes of the Year

At Cycles UK we deal with the biggest and best mountain bike brands on the planet. This includes Trek who won two major bike of the year awards for their mountain bikes in 2017. In the UK Trek are mainly known for their race orientated mountain bikes like the Procaliber, Top Fuel and Session but it wasn’t these bikes that won them their plaudits.


MBR Bikes of the Year – Trek Fuel EX

Trek Fuel - MBR Bike of the Year

British magazine MBR singled out the Trek Fuel EX 7 29 as their bike of the year for it’s combination of value and performance. In keeping with the type of riding that MBR covers the Trek Fuel EX is a capable trail bike suitable for most types of UK mountain biking. While many other bikes in this category use a 27.5” wheel Trek use their preferred 29” wheel size for the added speed that it gives.

Trek mountain bike are all about going fast and the reviews of the Fuel EX are filled with words like ‘fast, scorching, pace and rocket’. Often bike of the year awards can get dominated by super expensive super bikes that no-one can really afford. It is therefore nice to see a mid-range bike from a good sized brand that is praised as much for its value and the thought that has gone into putting it together winning this award.



Pink Bike Bike of the Year – Trek Slash

Trek Slash - Pink Bike Bike of the Year

Where MBR tends to focus on general trail riding Pink Bike has more of a gravity focus so it’s no surprise to see a longer travel bike win the Pink Bike bike of the year award. As with the reviews of the Fuel EX reviews of the Trek Slash are full of words like ‘fast and speed’. As with the Fuel EX part of that comes from the 29” wheels Trek built the Slash around and part of it comes from the super stiff carbon fibre frame.

The Slash is designed for endure racing so it’s a bike that can climb but that is most at home when pointed down a mountain. If you want a bike that can handle the toughest trails in Wales, Scotland or the Alps then the Slash is it.


An answer the wheel size debates

While lots of time has been spent discussing the merits of 27.5” wheels versus 29” wheels Trek have firmly been on the side of the 29er for years. In fact they were one of the first companies to start putting 29 inch wheels on their mainstream bikes. The Fuel EX and the Slash push the boundaries of what a 29 inch wheel bike can do and the fact they are winning awards for it will help set the standards for years to come.


The 2018 versions of the Trek Fuel EX and Trek Slash are starting to become available now with more stock arriving in the country in time for spring. These bikes are likely to sell fast though so if you want one it’s worth getting a pre-order in.