Gifts for Road Cyclists

Gifts for Road Cyclists

Road cycling has exploded in popularity in recent years with the MAMIL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra) becoming a common around the country. Many road cyclists are super style conscious and they will likely have already invested in a lot of gear. So what can you buy them?

We’ve rounded up some gift ideas that should go down well with any road cyclist (regardless of their age or gender) to get you started.


Cycling Socks

Follow any road cyclists on Twitter or Instagram and you will soon see that #sockdoping is a thing. Most road cycling outfits are fairly plain, or may even be standardised as club colours. Socks are one of the areas where road cyclists can show their individuality and get a bit bling. Cycling socks are also more comfortable than regular socks as they have extra padding and ventilation.

We have cycling socks from Specialized, Altura and Assos but if you are looking for something a bit special then Sako7 do socks inspired by the New York sunrise, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian.




Cycling Caps

#capsnothats is another Instagram and Twitter trend that started with professional road cyclists. Some race winners had taken to collecting their prizes in baseball hats rather than traditional cycling caps. This was seen to be a betrayal of the classic cycling aesthetic and a hashtag was born. On a practical note cycling caps area really useful for keeping your head warm in the winter and keeping the sun off in the summer (especially useful for a MAMIL who might be thinning a bit on top).

Assos make some of the best cycling clothing in the world using very Swiss precision. While you won’t get any change out of £100 for a pair of their short you can pick up a very fetching Assos cap for under £20 (stern looking Swiss model not included).  



Daytime Running Lights

If you care enough about a roadie to be buying them a present you probably also want them to be safe. One of the big trends in the last couple of years has been towards using daytime running lights to make road cyclists more visible. There are lots of depressing stats about the number of cyclists who get knocked off by drivers who claim not to have seen them. Daytime running lights make that less likely to happen.

Bontrager have been really pushing daytime running lights and they have developed the Flare rear light which they say is visible from 2 KM away.

The Bontrager Flare R rear light is available on it's own or as part of a set with the Bontrgaer Ion 800R front light



Everyone likes shiny new tools. While the roadie in your life will (hopefully) never need them it is reassuring to know they have some basic tools if they ever do suffer a mechanical while out and about. You can get lots of lovely mini tool sets to carry on the bike with all of the allen keys and spanners they might need.

Lezyne and Fabric are well known for making lovely shiny tools out of equally shiny bits of aluminium.

Fabric Chamber-R Tool
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The Fabric Chamber R is a neat little metal tube that includes most of the allen keys and other tools you need to fix a road bike. The tube shape makes it easy to slip into a jersey pocket without snagging the materials. The Lezyne Blox 23 contains 23 separate tools (including a bottle opener). 



Every cyclist needs a pump and ideally one that is easy to carry in case of a puncture. While you can get lots of pumps that will fit securely to the frame of a bike many roadies don’t like this as it spoils their clean lines. Instead they will carry a pump in their jersey pocket. In order to stop those lines being spoilt as well you will want the pump to be as small and minimalist as possible.

The Specialized Air Tool Mini Road is a tiny pump that  can have an inner tube wrapped around it, making a neat bundle to slip into a pocket. Something that should please any roadie, and for £20 it won't break the bank either.



Everyone loves a giftset at Christmas, especially if they are an easy to wrap shape. We have some nice Look giftsets that include the Look Keo 2 pedals, cleats, socks and a 2 in 1 neck warmer and skull cap. A perfect gift for a road cyclist looking to make the switch to clip-in pedals.

If the Roadie in your life is training for a big event this year, or working towards longer rides, then proper nutrition will be important for them. The Torq Fueling system pack is a great starter kit which includes a drinks bottle, energy drink powder, energy gels and energy bars.



Our last couple of suggestions may be best saved for a road cyclist you are fairly close to, or who doesn’t blush too easily.

Ass Savers do exactly what they say. They are a neat idea dreamt up by professional road riders. It is a little fold away mudguard that tucks under your saddle. If you get caught out in the rain you can flick the Ass Saver out and it will stop the worst of the dirt and water from getting sprayed onto your bum.

Getting a sore bum can be a problem for road cyclists. Some people suffer with it more than others but if you are doing a lot of miles you will get a sore bottom sooner or later. Assos Chamois Cream is designed to solve that problem for you by reducing the friction between cycling shorts and skin. It is available in men’s and women’s variations and will be a nice talking point over Christmas lunch with the in-laws.