Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Gifts for Mountain Bikers


There has been a big resurgence in mountain biking in the last year with mountain bikes becoming our fastest selling range in-store.

There are lots of different types of mountain biking including cross country, enduro, trail and downhill. Even if you know which particular flavour of mountain biking someone is into it can be hard to know what to buy them. Here we have picked gifts which should suit any type of mountain biker, male or female, so you can give them a gift they will value.



Virtually all mountain bikers wear gloves and virtually all of them will get through a pair a year (at least). Most mountain bikers use full finger gloves as they offer extra protection from the undergrowth (and the ground in the event of a crash). The trend in mountain biking at the moment is about bright and vibrant colours. Fox and O’Neal both make a range of race proven gloves in suitably lairy colours but you can also find some nice understated gloves in their range.

If the mountain biker you are buying for rides through the winter they will appreciate the Specialized Deflect H20 gloves which are fully waterproof. Your hands are one of the first things that gets cold on the bike and keeping them dry will slow this process down. 




If you ride a mountain bike in the UK it is going to get dirty and you are going to have to clean it regularly. There are lots of different cleaners and degreasers on the market and you can buy all kinds of specialist brushes and clothes for cleaning a bike with. The Weldtite Cleaning bucket has pretty much everything you need to keep a mountain bike sparkling clean, you just need to add water, and as it all comes in one package it should be fairly easy to wrap.




For mountain bikers who regularly do longer rides (more than a couple of hours) nutrition and fuelling becomes really important. Mountain biking uses a lot of calories and you need food and drink that is easy to carry, easy to eat and gives you the right amount of energy. A great place to start is with the Torq Fuelling Pack. Torq are a British company whose make a great range of energy bars and drinks for cyclists. Their Fuelling system pack comes with a bottle, energy drink, bars and gels.



Mountain bikers who are venturing off into the countryside will need to carry a fair bit of stuff with them. This normally includes a tool kit, food, water, rain jacket, maps, first aid kits and their phone keys and other bits. The Camelbak system has long been one of the most popular ways for mountain bikers to carry their gear and the Camelbak Mule is their longest running and best selling pack. It can carry everything a mountain biker needs for a day of riding.




Most mountain bikers will ride in any and all conditions (much more so than road cyclists who tend to stay in on their turbo trainers if it is a bit cold or damp). This means that mountain bikers need to have a good waterproof layer, and especially a good waterproof jacket. Mountain biking is hard work so the jacket needs to be breathable and it needs to be tough enough to withstand the odd minor crash.

Altura are a British designed cycle clothing brand. They are based in North Yorkshire and their mountain biking jackets are designed to put up with the type of conditions you would expect riding on the Pennines and the North Yorkshire Moors. The Altura Mayhem is one of their mid-price jackets which is breathable and waterproof without breaking the bank.