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Cycle to Work – Halfords Cycle 2 Work

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Cycles UK are happy to accept Halfords Cycle 2 Work either at our stores or online. This means you can use Halfords Cycle 2 Work to buy bikes from the world’s best brands including Specialized, Trek, Whyte and Cannondale.

Using a Halfords Cycle 2 Work Letter of Collection with Cycles UK is really easy. Although your letter from Halfords will try to push you towards one of their stores we can get it re-assigned to us so you can spend it on the bike you want.

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How to pay with Halfords Cycle 2 Work

Halfords charge us a fee in order to be able to accept their cycle 2 work vouchers. As their fee is much higher than most other cycle to work providers we do, unfortunately, have to charge a little extra. On all non-electric bikes there is a 5% surcharge payable. On Specialized and Whyte electric bikes there is a 15% surcharge payable.

If you would like to go ahead with a Halford cycle 2 work order then just email us a copy or photo of your Halfords Letter of Collection (LOC) to or bring it into your local store. We will then phone Halfords and get the letter re-assigned so that it can be used on the bike you want. This is a fairly quick process but if you are planning to pick your bike up at the weekend it’s best to get the Letter of Collection to us during the week.

How to get a Halfords Cycle 2 Work Letter of Collection

The exact process will vary slightly depending on the company you work for. Normally you will need to work out what bike and accessories you want and tell your employer. If they are happy with what you are asking for Halfords will issue a Letter of Collection for the amount you want. The Halfords Letter of Collection doesn’t say what bike you are getting, just the amount it is for.

If you have any questions about using Halfords Cycle 2 Work just give us a call on 01268 745556 or email

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