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Why Your Should Register Your New Bike

Words by Cycles UK

on 06/08/2021 15:43:07

Register New Bike

When you buy a new bike you have the option to register it directly with the brand. So, if you buy a Trek bike you can register the bike directly with Trek, if you buy an Orbea you can register it directly with Orbea etc.

Some of the bike brands make a big deal out of this and really encourage you to do it. Others encourage bike shops to start the registration for you, and some hide the option and make it hard to find. Firstly though we need to know why you should bother.

The benefits of registering your new bike

Registering your new bike mainly helps you if bad things happen to your bike. The two biggest issues are warranty and theft.

1) Warranty – if the worst happens and your new bike snaps, cracks, or other otherwise develops a fault then having it registered directly with the brand can speed up the warranty process. In some cases it will allow them to deal directly with you and, in the case of Specialized and Orbea, it means you get extended warranty cover. As of July 2021 Specialized will only give you a 2 year warranty on your new bike if you have not registered it. Complete the registration process and you get the full lifetime warranty. Orbea now also have the same policy with only a 2 year warranty if you don’t register.

2) Theft – if your new bike gets stolen the police and insurance will normally ask for the serial number, date of purchase and other details about your bike. Registering your new bike helps to create a record for some of these details, especially the serial number, so you can easily retrieve it when reporting the theft and making a claim.

3) Recalls – occasionally manufacturers need to recall certain bikes to fix issues. (A recent example was the forks on some Specialized road bikes which there was a potential fault with so they all had to be replaced). Being registered with the brand means they will know if your bike is part of a recall and they can contact you direct to let you know what needs to be done.

4) Apps and Interactivity – more of the bike brands are launching their own apps. Cannondale have an app which records your distances, how much CO2 you have saved by riding your bike and reminds you when it needs a service. Specialized also have a ride tracking app which can be used to manage their electric bikes, adjust settings and diagnose issues. You will need to register your bike to access this information.

How to register your new bike

All of the brands we deal with have an online registration form:

Trek -

Specialized -

Orbea -

Cannondale -

GT -

Whyte -