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Why Buy Assos Shorts?

Words by Cycles UK

on 09/11/2017 12:02:00


Assos are known for making some of the best cycling clothing in the world. When they were founded in 1976 they were one of the first proper cycling clothing brands and they quickly became known for the quality of their cycling shorts.

The price and longevity

Assos have always been at the premium performance end of the spectrum. Their shorts are not cheap but they are an investment. Assos cycling shorts are the most durable we have ever ridden.  We know riders that are still riding in their shorts on a weekly  basis  after 5 years. Yes the shorts are showing wear but they still have plenty of life left in them. Sorry to use a cliché term but you pay for what you get and Assos shorts are the best around. If you are going to be doing a lot of mileage then these are the shorts to go for.

The fit

Assos have two main fits in their short range; Sportive and race fit. The Mille and Cento Shorts are for more of a Sportive Fit. They suit the rider who is in the saddle for longer and the shorts are more forgiving for the fuller figure. The pads in the Mille and Cento shorts are 2mm thicker than the more race orientated Equipe, Tiburu and Campionissimo to give more comfort on longer rides.

The Equipe and Campionissimo are the more race fit shorts and less forgiving around the waist line and the pad. They are for more the slimmer framed person. These are the premium shorts and the pads are 2mm thinner than the Mille and Cento. The Tiburu short is cut much the same as the Equipe but is Roubaix lined for those cooler rides. These shorts are great with the Assos Leg Warmers and these are the perfect short to keep your essentials warm.


The Pads

The padding in Assos shorts is a floating pad. This means that the pad is not sown completely into the short so that it can move with you. If you are used to standard cycling shorts the pad in the Assoes shorts looks like it is not attached correctly but it is.

During longer rides when you start to get fatigued you move around a lot in the saddle. With the Assos shorts the floating pad moves with you. This causes less chance of friction and the shorts are more comfortable while riding.

Don’t forget Chamois Crème

Assos Chamois cream is the best. It is a different texture to the competitors, thicker and longer lasting. Apply at all times while riding to your backside, especially around your sit bone areas. This helps comfort during your riding and reduces the risk of sores and bad hygiene around the under carriage area.