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Which Cycling Jacket do you Need? Our Guide to the Altura Jacket Range

Words by Cycles UK

on 31/10/2019 11:13:13

Atura Cycling Jacket Range

Altura our one of our favourite clothing brands. All of their cycle clothing is UK designed and has a big focus on being practical and affordable. They really made their name with the best-selling Nevis and Nightvision commuting jackets but they now make jackets for pretty much every type of cycling.

In this guide we have broken down the Altura range into the type of cycling the are intended for. Of course there is a lot of overlap. Lots of the commuting jackets also work great for mountain biking and a lot of the road jackets work great for commuting so feel free to mix and match.

Altura Commuting Jackets

Altura really made their name with their commuting jackets and it is still the core of their range. Altura’s commuting jackets use a semi-fitted cut so you can put them over different layers of clothing and are designed to be reflective and hi-viz as well as comfortable to wear. Lots of the commuting jackets double up a great mountain bike jackets and work well for touring and general leisure cycling. If you are looking for a ‘packable’ jacket that can slip into a back pocket then skip down to the road jackets section.

Altura Nightvision Thunderstorm Waterproof Jacket – RRP £139.99

Altura Nightvision Thunderstorm Jacket

The Nightvision Thunderstorm is Altura’s flagship commuting jacket. It is designed for year round rising and to keep you dry in the heaviest downpours. It is available in Men’s and Women’s versions and in a choice of colours. On all version the jacket looks two tone in normal daylight but the top half of the jacket is made from reflective materials so as soon as car headlights shine on it your chest, back and arms will all reflect the light so you really stand out (the picture at the top of this section shows this in action).

Altura Nightvision Tornado Waterproof Jacket – RRP £119.99

Altura Nightvision Tornado Cycling Jacket

The Nightvision Tornado looks like a plain jacket at first glance but when you get up close it has a subtle all -over pattern of dots and dashes. When hit by car headlights these dots and dashes are all reflective so you really stand out. So if you want a jacket to ride to work in, but which will also look good when you pop-out for lunch, the Tornado does the job. It’s also waterproof, breathable and comes with plenty of pockets for carrying your gear on all sorts of rides. Available as both men’s and women’s jackets.

Altura Nightvision Cyclone Waterproof Jacket – RRP £99.99

Altura nightvision Cyclone Jacket teal

The Nightvision Cyclone is closer to a traditional commuting jacket. It comes in hi-viz colours including yellow and red and has reflective panels in key points to give you 360 degree visibility. The Cyclone jacket is waterproof and comes with a detachable hood for maximum protection from the elements. Available in men’s and women’s versions.

Altura Nightvision Twilight Waterproof Jacket – RRP £79.99

Altura Nightvision Twilight Jacket

The Nightvision Twilight is Altura’s best selling commuting jacket. It’s similar to the Cyclone but is made from a slightly heavier material, has smaller reflective patches and does not come with a hood. Even with those changes this is still a great performing waterproof and breathable jacket and one which comes in at a super affordable price point. Available in both men’s and women’s versions.

Altura Nevis Waterproof Jacket – RRP £59.99

Altura Nevis Cycling Jacket

The Altura Nevis jacket is classic and has been around for years. Altura tweak it every now and then, improving the fabric and cut to make it better each time. The Nevis is waterproof and windproof and comes with reflective elements to help you be seen. It is not as breathable as some of the other jackets in the range but it’s great for shorter commutes.

Altura Mountain Bike Jackets

Lots of Altura’s commuting and road jackets also work really well for mountain biking but Altura do make a dedicated mountain bike jacket in the Mayhem

Altura Mayhem Waterproof Jacket – RRP £119.99

Altura Mayhem Jacket

The Mayhem jacket uses a relaxed cut to give you plenty of space to move around on the bike. It’s super waterproof and breathable so you can ride whatever the weather. Unlike Altura’s commuting jackets it is not big on reflectivity, but as it’s designed to be mainly used off-road it doesn’t need to be. The built-in hood and pockets complete the jacket. The Mayhem jacket is only available in a men’s cut.

Altura Road Cycling Jackets

Altura’s road cycling jackets are all designed to be ‘packable’. That means they pack down small enough to go into jersey pocket in-case they are needed in changeable weather, or to keep you warm at café stops.

Altura Race Waterproof Jacket – RRP £119.99

Altura Race Jacket Orange

The Race Waterproof is Altura’s top of the line road jacket. It has a very fitted cut to make sure you don’t have any excess material flapping about to spoil your aerodynamics. As you are likely to be working hard the Race jacket has Altura’s best 2.5 layer breathable and waterproof fabric along with tapered seems and a front storm flap to keep the rain out. Reflective panels will help get you seen in poor conditions. The Race jacket is only available in a men’s cut.

Altura Classic Waterproof Jacket – RRP £99.99

Altura Classic Waterproof Cycling Jacket

The Classic Jacket is designed to have a clean and simple look with strategically placed reflective trim to help make you seen. It’s waterproof, windproof and highly breathable but still packs down small enough to carry. It also comes in fairly neutral colours if you don’t want to ride around in hi-viz. The Classic jacket is only available in a men’s cut.

Altura Firestorm Waterproof Reflective Jacket – RRP £79.99

Altura Firestorm Reflective Waterproof Jacket

The Firestorm jacket is available in both men’s and women’s cuts. Like the Nightvision Tornado jacket it comes with a subtle print pattern that is reflective when car headlights shine on it to improve your visibility. As well as being reflective the Firestorm jacket is waterproof, windproof, breathable and packs down small enough to carry with you. The Firestorm makes a great jacket for commuting and touring as well as road cycling.

Altura Airstream Windproof Jacket – RRP £49.99

Altura Airstream Windproof Jacket grey

The big selling point of the Airstream jacket is the weight. At just 84 grams it is small and light enough to carry with you on almost any ride. The Airstream is windproof and water repellent but not waterproof. It will see you through a short shower, some drizzle or road spray but won’t save you in heavy rain. It’s a good jacket to have for changeable days. The Airstream jacket is only available in a men’s cut.