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What Winter cycling clothing do I need for my commute?

Words by Cycles UK

on 08/10/2020 17:20:33

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If Cycling in winter is new to you, then you're wondering what Winter cycling clothing do I need, what winter cycling gloves should I get, and which winter cycling jacket is best for me?

We've got a great range of clothing and accessories to keep you warm, safe, and dry and lots of guidance to help you make the right decision for your ride.

Firstly, we need to talk about bike lights. Check out The best bike lights 2021 blog it covers all you need to know about choosing the right lights for your ride.


Here are our tips for commuters both those getting changed and not getting changed when you get to work.



If you ride hard or your commute isn't very long, then you may not need a hat, or you may only want a cotton cycling hat to keep the wind off your head. If you do suffer from the cold on your head, then we recommend a  skull cap to wear under your helmet often waterproof, windproof or both they will keep you warm throughout winter.


Neck warmers also sometimes called neck gaiters are great for stopping the wind going down your back, which will significantly benefit you if you don't wear a cycling jersey or top with a high fitted collar. They can also stop the wind entering the neck of your jacket.


Base layers

Base layers are great to pop under any top. Adding an extra layer to protect your clothes and add warmth. It also gives you more options to suit the weather.


Long sleeve jersey

If you get changed at work, then a long sleeve jersey is a great choice. Alternatively, you could add arm warmers to a short sleeve jersey.



Gilets are often paired with a long sleeve jersey or arm warmers instead of a jacket or under one when very cold.



Jackets tend to either be wind and rain resistant or waterproof most have the technology to help others see you in the dark or low light. You may need a jacket that can pack down relatively small whilst keeping you, dry check out our large selection.



Gloves similarly, to jackets have varying qualities wind/ rainproof different levels of padding and reflective details for visibility. If you are planning to ride throughout winter, you will undoubtedly want a winter glove or add a glove liner to water and/or windproof gloves you already own.



Tights are a great way to keep your legs warm and dry during the winter months. Available without bibs and with, bibs are great if you're shorts tend to slip down when you ride.



If you don't want to have to get changed at work, then overtrousers would be the most suitable choice to keep you dry and your clothes clean



A big thing you will experience trouble with is keeping your feet warm. A good pair of warm socks and overshoes will solve the problem and give you layering options based on how cold it is most overshoes are waterproof, so there's another option for keeping your feet warm and dry.

Bike cleaning

keeping your bike well through winter is as essential and keeping yourself safe, warm, and dry. Your bike will pick up a lot more mud and grit during the winter months, especially your brakes and chain which can affect your gears if left for an extended period. We've got a great selection of products that take a lot of effort out of cleaning your bike.

Finish line pro chain cleaner kit

The Finish line Pro chain cleaner kit makes a difficult job so much simpler and less time-consuming. This set includes the cleaning tool, degreaser, and lubricant. You can buy the cleaning tool on its own. Don't forget to lubricate your chain after cleaning it. There are several types of bike lubricant to choose from:

  • Ceramic/wax: provides a protective layer on your chain
  • Dry: will attract less dust.
  • Wet: is wet on the chain, best for muddy conditions.

degreaser and brush

A gear cleaning brush a will get into those hard to reach parts coupled with a degreaser to clean up any grit and dirt that has transferred onto your gears.

Fenwicks disc brake cleanerFenwicks Bike Cleaner

If your gears are dirty, your disc brakes are likely to be gritty too which can make them noisy and slightly less effective disc brake cleaner. Finally keeping your bike looking as good in February as it did when you brought it. Give your bike a wash with water and a bike cleaner makes the processes less time consuming and easier.