Understanding the 2018 Trek Road Bike Range

Words by Cycles UK

on 01/08/2017 09:43:00


Trek are well known for their top end road bikes. With past riders including Lance Armstrong, Fabian Cancellara and Alberto Contador Trek road bikes have been ridden to victory in most of the world’s big races.

Trek make a huge range of road bikes for all types of riders. For 2018 Trek have over 50 different models of road bike available ranging in price from £625 to £9,500. If you are new to road bikes, and new to the Trek range it can be hard to know where to start. The first thing to understand is the different families of bikes within the Trek range, these include the Madone, Domane, Emonda, Boone, Crockett and Speed Concept.

Womens Specific Trek Road Bikes

In previous years Trek have done specific ranges of road bike for women such as the Lexa and the Slique. They have dropped this approach for 2018 and instead have incorporated women’s specific bikes into their main ranges. So you can now get a Madone, Émonda or Domane tailored to female riders. This gives female riders a much better choice of bikes and means they can ride the same bikes, with the same technology, as men. It’s also nice to see that Trek have gone for fairly neutral colours on their 2018 women’s road bikes with hardly any pink.

Trek Madone


The Madone is Trek’s flagship race bike. It is the one their pro riders will use on most races and falls firmly into the aero super bike category. As you would expect from a modern top-end road bike the Madone comes with aero shaped tubing, designed to cut through the air more efficiently than traditional round tubes and deep section aero wheels. It also has extra touches such as integrated brakes and almost completely hidden cabling to further reduce drag. One of the things that really makes the Madone unique is the use of Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler system. This allows the back of the bike to soak up bumps while maintaining stiffness and acceleration.

Who is a Madone good for? – the Madone is designed for pro racers. If you race yourself, or simply want the fastest road bike possible, then the Madone is the bike for you.

Trek Émonda

2018_Trek_Emonda 2

Where the Madone is all about aero dynamics the Trek Émonda is all about weight. The Émonda is designed to be the lightest road bike possible. It is the one the pros turn to for mountain stages in the Tour de France for its climbing and descending abilities. Although at home in the hills the Émonda will work equally well on tight crit race circuits or on your local club run.

Trek make two versions of the Émonda. The main Émonda range is built around a carbon frame while the Émonda ALR is built around a lightweight aluminium frame. Both versions of the Trek Émonda are super-fast race ready bikes for those who light and responsive bike.

If you want a carbon frame Émonda there are three options to choose from. The Émonda S is the cheapest model and uses a 300 series carbon frame. The Émonda SL comes next and uses a 500 series carbon frame. At the top of the range is the Émonda SLR using the 700 series carbon frames. The differences between the frames are the quality of the carbon used and the weight they come in at as a result

Who is an Émonda good for? – Anyone who wants a super light and super responsive road bike, especially if your riding revolved around hills.  

Trek Domane


The Trek Domane was originally developed for classics races light Paris-Roubaix and Strada Bianchi where a bike needs to be able to handle cobbles, mud and gravel roads. The Domane uses Trek’s IsoSpeed technology which allows the seat tube and head tube to ‘decouple’ when you hit a bump. The ‘decoupling’ allows the front and back of the bike to move independently from each other over a limited distance, absorbing and smoothing out shocks. This means you can hit cobbles or gravel at higher speeds, stay in the saddle more easily and ride longer distances without getting fatigued. As the Domane was designed to be a race winning bike it does all of this while allowing the bike to remain stiff and responsive so you can still sprint up hills on it.

Although developed and tested on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix the Domane’s ability to soak up bumps makes it perfect for often rough British roads. Trek’s tagline for the Domane is ‘Go Anywhere’ so if you do need to nip down a gravel track or path the Domane can handle it with ease but it will still let you keep up on group rides and club runs. Due to its fatigue reducing capabilities the Domane is also a popular choice for longer sportive rides and big 100+ mile rides.

The Domane is available in a huge range of options, starting with the aluminium framed Domane AL and Domane ALR models and working up to the 600 series carbon framed Domane SLR used by the pros. Disc brake versions of the Domane are available throughout the range.

Who is the Domane good for? – If you regularly ride on rough and potholed country lanes, get tempted by the occasional canal towpath or old railway line, or simply want a super comfortable ride, then the Domane is for you.

Trek Crockett and Trek Boone

2018 Trek Boone

The Crockett and Boone are both cyclo cross bikes but can equally be used as gravel, adventure or fast commuting bikes. Due to their ability to handle the rough stuff the Crockett and Boone are popular as winter bikes and for those who want to explore off the beaten track.

The Crockett has an aluminium frame and while the Boone has a carbon frame and is the more race orientated of the two. 

Who are the Crockett and Boone good for? – Both models are super capable cyclo cross bikes with the Boone being used by pro cross teams. However, both bikes also make great commuting and adventure platforms, giving you more ability to mix paths and tracks into your rides.

Trek Speed Concept

2018 Trek Speed Concept (2)

Rounding out the 2018 Trek road bike range is the Speed Concept. The Speed Concept is an out and out aero machine. Designed for time trailing and triathlon the Speed Concept is gives minimal drag and cuts through the air as efficiently as possible. So if your interests revolve around getting your head down and going as fast as possible in your next race this is the bike you need.

Who is the Speed Concept good for? – time trialists and triathletes who want absolute aero performance and minimal drag.