The 2019 Specialized Hotwalk Is The Kids Bike We Wish We Had Growing Up

Words by Cycles UK

on 14/11/2018 10:27:16

Robbie and Matt Hunter in Kamloops, British Columbia, September 2016

The Specialized Hotwalk is our best selling balance bike and for 2019 it comes in a new range of colours and has a new, easy to use, frame design.


          94019-05_HOTWALK-INT-ACDPNK-NICEBLU_HERO                   94019-06_HOTWALK-INT-FLORED-SLT_HERO                    94019-07_HOTWALK-INT-NENBLU-WHT_HERO

A balance bike is sort of a mix between a scooter and a kids bike with a seat tube/saddle but no pedals, just a platform for little feet. The idea is the child learns the essential balance skills for riding a bike without the the difficulty of learning to pedal a bike, meaning they can start learning much younger.

With Specialized branding and the beautiful paintwork you see on Specialized’s adult bikes, this is the bike we all wish we had growing up. Maybe if we started younger on a balance bike we would be world champions by now? (That’s what we like to tell ourselves anyway).

For 2019, Specialized has simplified the frame shape so that it is easier for the child to get on and off safely and scoot around freely, it’s also longer than the previous model meaning it is more stable and easier to use. The 12-inch alloy wheels are not only light but durable so they will roll easily and take lots of abuse. The tyres are the same quality as Specialized’s industry leading range of adult bike tyres, the airless Rhythm Sports will never go flat so your little one is free to scoot on and off road safeley, without any problems.

There isn’t really much that can break on the Hotwalk, no matter how rough your little one treats it, so you are safe from workshop bills. We also really like the kids Henge saddle which is styled just like the adult Henge, little details like this really sets the Specialized kids bikes apart from the rest.

If you are looking to get your kids in to cycling early, we recommend the Specialized Hotwalk.