Our guide to Mudguards for 2020

Words by Cycles UK

on 26/09/2019 14:29:05

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The weather is beginning to change and let’s face it in the UK, that means rain! No one likes turning up to work with water and mud spray up their back, Mountain biking with a face full of dirt or enduring a club ride behind someone without mudguards. Finding the right mudguard for your bike can be complicated with lack of information muddying the water. We always endeavour to create informative product pages to help you make the right decision for you.

Below is a list of some of our favourite options for all types of riding (MTB, Gravel and Road) the different volumes of cover (light and full) to help you find the right fit for you

Light cover

·        The AssSaver range is fantastic providing cover from the worst of the water and mud for both the front and back of Road bikes Mountain bikes and Gravel riders. Light, extremely versatile and simple to fit the AssSaver range has a style for everyone. These are great for anyone that doesn’t want a full mudguard fitted to their bike or for that constant threat of English summer rain.

·        The Crud Catcher fits under the downtube (rather than the fork) of pretty much any Mountain bike it stops mud and water coming off the back of the wheel and onto you. The Crud Catcher has been a favourite of mountain bike riders for a couple of decades and similar to the AssSaver it won’t stop all the crud but will prevent the worst it is also super quick and easy to fit. 


Full cover


·        Crud XL Fender Full Front Mudguard

The Crud XL provides excellent mud protection for pretty much all conditions apart from the most extreme, making it equal to models that retail at a much higher price. Adjustable and easy to fit it’s a no brainer when it comes to a front fender

Gravel/ Road 

·        Crud Road Racer Mk3 Mudguard Set

Designed to fit almost any 700c road, gravel or trekking bike including disc brake and calliper brake models takes the uncertainty out of if this will fit or not. Simple no-tool installation makes these full coverage mudguards are an excellent choice.

·        Bontrager NCS 700 range

These are great because they are available in 700c x 18-25 mm, 700c x 28-35 mm, 700 c x 35-45 mm in black and 700c x 28-35mm in radioactive yellow. With elements such as an integrated rear Blendr light mount for use with Bontrager Flare lights which allows you to fit lights to your Mudguard. Quick to install, super durable quick strut adjustment for proper tyre clearance

·        Specialized Dry Tech Mudguard set

Specialized Dry Tech Mudguards are designed to be robust where they need to be and light everywhere else. Heat-treated, lightweight aluminium fender stays with stainless steel hardware make these mudguards sleek and stylish. Engineered in the specialized wind tunnel to improve the protection and minimise spray. Available in three different sizes (35, 45, and 52mm), and they're designed to work on bikes with 700C wheels—with or without Specialized Plug + Play frame mounting.