Gifts For Road Cyclists

Words by Cycles UK

on 04/12/2018 17:28:13

gifts for road cyclists

Road cycling is huge in the UK at the moment, in fact it is very likely that at least one person you are buying gifts for this Christmas is a road cyclist. Luckily for you we have some great gift ideas to thrill any pedal fanatic.


Just like many other sports, there are a whole host of nutrition products for cyclists, and the fact that an energy bar or water bottle is essential for every kind of rider and every kind of ride makes any of these a great gift.

A bundle is often a good way to go as it offers a selection of bars, gels and drinks.

OTE Energy Pack



Mmmm watermelon…

Torq Hyptonic Electrolyte Tablets Watermelon


Fabric Cageless Bottle

Fabric are a really cool brand that have developed these cageless bottles which attach directly to your bike without a bottle cage for a sleek look.


Specialized Keg Storage Vessel With Tool Wrap 

A great way to carry energy bars, tools, tubes and more instead of pockets which can be irritating on long rides, the Keg fits in to a standard bottle cage and comes in a few different designs.



Clothing is an important part of cycling, especially this time of year! However, with all the performance fabrics and features, it can be a bit confusing. So here are some of our favourites that we would recommend to any rider.

Assos shorts have a reputation that suggests they are the best you can buy, and as our best selling brand of padded shorts, we believe the hype. Any road cyclist would be thrilled with a pair of these.


Assos t.equipe Evo Bib Shorts



The Altura Nevis III Waterproof Jacket is one of our all-time bestselling pieces of clothing. The Nevis jacket has been around for many years with Altura subtly refining and improving it from time to time. The Nevis III is the latest version.





Gloves, Socks and Warmers

Small and fun gifts are often the best, and lets be honest. If you don’t get a pair of socks, is it really Christmas?

The Bontrager Circuit Windshell Cycling Gloves are a lightweight, windproof & water resistant glove for cool weather conditions.

Bontrager Circuit Windshell Cycling Gloves


Assos Mille GT Socks Red

If they are in to high quality cycling clothing then they will recognise the Assos brand, and in a festive colour too!

Assos Mille Socks

Bontrager Thermal Arm Warmers

These are a really great accessory to have and they are available in black or high vis.



Tools are an important part of bike maintenance and compact tools are often required on rides. For a road cyclist, tools are designed to be sleek and compact so they can be stored in a jersey pocket.

Fabric 6 In 1 Mini Multitool

Fabric multi tool

Specialized Air Tool Mini Road pump

Specialized mini road pump

Fabric Co2 Lever Kit Tool

Co2 tools replace pumps out on the road for tyre inflation as they are more compact (and a new gadget to show off to your riding buddies).

Fabric lever co2 tool


Yes that’s right, cyclists are so precious they need special cycling skincare to protect their special cycling skin. In all seriousness though, athlete performance skincare products are great. They are designed for a specific purpose and can relieve the discomforts of cycling, like chamois creme.

Chamois creme is designed to protect your… undercarriage… from saddle sores and clothing friction. We recommend Assos chamois creme as it is renown for having the best formula for both men and women.

Assos Chamois Creme 140ML

Assos Chamois creme

Assos Womens Chamois Creme 75ML

Assos Chamois creme woman

Assos also do a great moisturiser.

Assos Skin Repair Gel

Assos skincare


Lights are an important saftey feature for road cyclists and commuters and there is a new breed of LED day time running lights from many manufacturers at the moment. We really like the Lezyne, Cateye, Moon, Fabric and Niterider ranges at the moment, but Bontrager are deffinatley leading the way with day time running lights.

The Bontrager Ion 100 R and Flare R City light set is everything you need to be seen on city streets and roads and they are a complete daytime running lights solution.

Bontrager Ion 100R/Flare R City Light Set

Bontrager Ion 100 light set