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Fix Your Bike Vouchers Accepted at Cycles UK

Words by Cycles UK

on 28/07/2020 07:29:38

Braintree Servicing

All Cycles UK stores are able to accept the new government £50 Fix Your Bike vouchers. You can apply for a £50 voucher from the Energy Saving Trust who are looking after the scheme for the government.

Please Book Ahead

With the recent boom in cycling our workshops are very busy at the moment. It is essential that you book a servicing slot as we are unlikely to be able to do repairs on the spot. Just call or email your local Cycles UK shop to get booked in.

What does the £50 voucher cover?

The £50 voucher can be used towards the cost of servicing adult bikes (the owner must be over 18). If the repair is going to be more than £50 then you can pay the difference yourself. So, if your repair comes to £60 you can use the voucher for £50 and pay the other £10 yourself. The voucher covers workshop labour but also spare parts that you might need. The official guidance says:

The repairs must be necessary to make cycles roadworthy and fit for purpose, this may include:

· Repair or replace tyres, tubes, wheels and related components

· Adjust, repair or replace braking system components

· Adjust, repair or replace transmission system components.

· Repair or replace other essential components which prevent safe use of the cycle e.g. deteriorated grips or saddle

· Repair or replacement of components for permanently fitted lighting systems

Repairs which are NOT eligible:

· replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components

· replacement or repair of removeable lighting accessories

The government are releasing 50,000 vouchers to start with on a first come first served basis but they are likely to release them in small batches.

How to use the voucher

You will need to apply to the Energy Saving Trust Fix Your Bike website to get a voucher. You will then need to book your bike in at one of our shops. We can only take 1 voucher per customer. You will need to bring some ID with you when you collect your bike. If you do not bring the ID listed below we will not be able to accept your voucher.

Identification which must include proof of address and must match the voucher registration details. Accepted forms of identification are either:

a valid driving licence photo card with address,

or another form of photographic identification either: - Passport, - National identity card (non-UK), - Residence permit

Plus one of the following, less than 3 months old, paper or electronic:

· utility bill,

· council tax bill,

· mortgage statement,

· council/housing association rent card,

· benefit book