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Cycling Gifts under £20

Words by Cycles UK

on 06/12/2019 12:14:27

Christmas Gifts under 20

Cycling is popular in the UK; you probably know at least one person who is a cyclist. What better gift to get them than something for their favourite pass-time. We thought we'd help you out with a gift guide with a good range of items under £20 for you find the right thing (s) for you.


Like most sports, food is essential to cyclists. There is a whole range of items, from gels, bars and drinks.

A bundle can be a great choice or individual items to create a selection of flavours and textures.

OTE energy pack £10

includes: water bottle, bars, gel and hydro tabs

OTE Energy Pack

Torq Gels

Flavours such as Raspberry Ripple, Cherry Bakewell, Rhubarb and Custard and Caramel Latte who could resist? We have bars ranging from pineapple and ginger to Banana, a range of hydration powders and tablets in a variety of flavours. All of which make great stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts.

Torq Energy Gel Raspberry Ripple


Ass savers for road bikes £14.99 (narrow wheels)

Are plastic mudguards they involve minimal fitting are effecting and easy to use. Designs come in many colours and patterns.

Ass Saver Regular

Ass savers for mountain bikes (chunky wheels)

Available for the rear wheel £9.99 and front wheels £8.99 

Ass Saver Big

Bar Grips (12.99-19.99)

Bar Grips can be complimentary or striking, bringing the individuality of a mountain bike alive.  Bontrager, Specialized and Fabric all have a good selection available

bontrager xr trail elite grips


You'll need something stylish to keep your energy drink in.

Fabric Cageless Bottles (£12.99 - £16.99)

Cageless is great, attaching directly to the bike. I have these myself, and they achieve a sleek and elegant look that complements any bike colour scheme. Not to mention they're lightweight, and an insulated version is available.

Fabric Cageless Bottle

Tool Kegs £17.99

Work much like the Fabric Cageless Bootle a great way to carry food tools and more 

Fabric Tool Keg


Every rider needs tools ranging from most straightforward items such as tyre levers and pumps through to alan keys and screwdrivers

Park tool tyre levers £3.49

you can never really have too many tyre levers because they can get lost or on occasion break, these set of three from Park tool are great value

Park Tools Tyre Levers

Fabric 6 in 1 £14.99 mini multitool

featuring 6 of the most commonly needed alan keys and screw fittings also available in 8 in 1 £17.99

Fabric 6 in 1 Tool

Fabric Picobar Road Mini Pump £19.99

Designed to be simple minimal and lightweight making it great to take with you on road rides



Chaffing can be a ride ruiner. Every rider will appreciate these great skincare products from Assos

ASSOS Chamois Creme 140ml £14.00

Assos Mens Chamois Cream

ASSOS Women's Chamois Creme 75ml £10.00

Assos Womens Chamois Creme

ASSOS skin repair gel £18.99

Assos Skin Repair Gel

Gloves, Warmers and Socks 

we all love small gifts stocking staples such as socks gloves and warmers which will be much appreciated

The Bontrager neck warmer £14.99 and Altura neck warmer £5.99 are stylish and versatile

Bontrager Neck gaiter Blue

Altura Neck Warmer Black Hi Viz Yellow

ASSOS Mille Socks £9.00

If they are into high-quality cycling clothing then they will recognise the Assos brand, and in a festive red too

Assos Mille Socks Red

Bontrager Thermal Wool Sock £14.99

Built for warmth and comfort. These merino wool blend socks wick moisture away from the foot and provide Arch compression provides a stay-put fit.

Bontrager thermal wool socks