Cannondale SystemSix – The Fastest Bike in the World

Words by Cycles UK

on 02/07/2018 16:12:00


Cannondale have released details of their new SystemSix aero road bike, just in time for the Tour de France. Cannondale claim that the SystemSix is “absolutely the lowest-drag, most efficient, all-around fastest UCI-legal road bike on the market today”. Cannondale go further to claim that the SystemSix is not just fast in a wind tunnel but in all kinds of real world scenarios. Their includes detailed analysis on how the bike performs on climbs, how it behaves at slow speeds and in group situations.


Integrated Design = Less Drag

Cannondale’s claims for the SystemSix to be the fastest bike in the world come down to aerodynamics. Cannondale say they their aero bike is faster than even the lightest road bikes on all terrain except climbs steeper than 6% when a really light race bike like a Cannondale SuperSix will marginally outperform it.

Included in the whitepaper Cannondale have produced is a series of graphs showing the performance of the SystemSix against bikes from the likes of Specialized, Trek and Cervelo. These graphs all show the SystemSix outperforming the competition when it comes to aerodynamic efficiency.


Cannondale have achieved their extra aero efficiency by designed almost all elements of the bike themselves. They started by designed a super-fast set of wheels the HollowGram KNØT. These were designed first and then the rest of the bike was designed around them. The HollowGram KNØT wheels are disc only and capable of taking tyres up to 28mm without impacting on the aero performance. With the wheels in place Cannondale designed the front of the bike with the forks and heat tube initially designed as one piece and then broken down into sections once the perfect aero profile was established. Throughout the frame Cannondale are using a truncated aero aerofoil profile to give the smoothest air flow over the bike.

How much does it cost?

Well, it is the world’s fastest bike so it isn’t going to be cheap. There are five models in total:

  • SystemSix Ultegra - £3499.99
  • SystemSix Dura-Ace - £4999.99
  • Women’s SystemSix Hi-Mod Dura-Ace - £5999.99
  • SystemSix Hi-Mod Ultegra Di2 - £6499.99
  • SystemSix Hi-Mod Dura-Ace Di2 - £7999.99

The top three models in the range use Cannondale’s Hi-Mod carbon while the two cheapest versions use Cannondale’s standard BallisTec Carbon.

The first lot of these bikes is due in early August with the rest of the bikes arriving from September onwards. If you are interested in a SystemSix give us a call and we can find out the exact delivery date for your model and size.