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Cannondale Hybrid Bikes 2019 Range Guide

Words by Cycles UK

on 17/01/2019 12:19:56

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Cannondale are best known for their road and mountain bikes but they also make a great range of hybrid and commuting bikes. For 2019 Cannondale have been very aggressive in the pricing of their hybrid bikes and have got some really competitively specced and priced bikes.

Cannondale made their name as a brand with cutting edge aluminium road bike and mountain bike frames. They are still masters of the material and their aluminium race bikes regularly beat carbon bikes in magazine tests. Nearly all of the Cannondale hybrid bikes use aluminium frames and when you buy one you are buying into that heritage and expertise.

As well as being innovators in aluminium Cannondale are known for being innovators more generally and doing things their own way. A good example of that is the Cannondale Bad Boy.

Cannondale Bad Boy Urban Bike - £749.99 to £149.99

Cannnondale Bad Boy 1

When mountain bikes first came out they were quickly adopted for urban use. Cannondale started building specially adapted versions of their mountain bikes for this market and the Bad Boy was born. The current version of the Bad Boy uses a dedicated frame designed for city riding. It comes with nice touches like ‘Urban Armour’ bumper plates to stop it getting scratched when you lock it up.

The most distinctive part of the Cannondale Bad Boy is the Lefty fork with built in LED lights. The Lefty on the Bad Boys is rigid but it’s modelled on the Lefty suspension forks which are a trademark of their mountain bikes. Cannondale will tell you that the Lefty fitted to the Bad Boy is super rigid and improves the handling of the bike, which it does, but mainly it just looks cool.

The Bad Boy runs 650B wheels with really wide 40c tyres to give nimble handling while soaking up the bumps. It’s available with a variety of gearing options with the top of the range model coming with a belt drive and internal hub gears for a super low maintenance setup. If you want a dedicated city bike with a bit of design flair then the Cannondale Bad Boy is hard to beat.

Cannondale Quick Aluminium - £419.99 to £999.99

Cannondale Quick 3

Where the Bad Boy is typical of Cannondale’s will to be different the Quick is pretty straight laced and traditional. At first glance the Cannondale Quick’s look like a lot of other hybrid bikes. They are designed as fitness bikes but are also suitable for light commuting or general leisure riding. With 700c wheels they are fast on the road but can also handle cycle paths. There are men’s and women’s versions of the Quick. They use the same frames and technology but the women’s bikes come in smaller sizes and come with women’s saddles and touchpoints.

All of the Quicks under £1000 use an aluminium frame. The cheapest models use a Smartform C3 frame and then above about £700 they switch to Smartform C2. Both types of frame use the same grade of 6061 aluminium but the C2 uses more expensive tube shapes and welding techniques to produce a more refined frame. Whether you go for the Smartform C2 or C3 frame you will get a frame that is one of the lightest in its class and which benefits from Cannondale’s industry leading aluminium design and construction expertise.

All of the aluminium Quick bikes feature SAVE micro-suspension. This is where Cannondale use particular tube shapes and thicknesses at crucial points on the frame to allow a small amount of flex. The result is a frame that is stiff and strong where it needs to be but which can soak up bumps and vibrations to give you a more comfortable ride. As the SAVE system involves no moving parts it is maintenance free.

The cheaper Quick bikes use rim brakes and then switch to disc brakes above £500 to give you better stopping power and control. Within the Quick range there is a wide selection of gearing choices. The cheaper bikes use mountain bike type gearing with 3 chainrings on the front and 7, 8 or 9 gears on the back. This will give you a comfortable range of gears for tackling hills, flats and anything in between. The top end bikes (Quick 1 to 3) use road bike style gears with 1 or 2 chainrings on the front and 10 or 11 on the back. This works better for stronger riders who want to go faster and carry more speed.

Cannondale Quick Carbon - £1399.99 to £1599.99

Cannondale Quick Carbon 1

As well as the aluminium version of the Quick Cannondale produce a couple of versions which use a carbon fibre frame. They are essentially road bikes with a flat handlebar fitted to them. They use road bike size 700c wheels and road bike gearing. They also come with skinnier tyres than the rest of the Quick range. As well as being light the carbon helps to soak up even more of the bumps and vibrations that the aluminium SAVE frames to give a smoother feeling ride. If you are doing a lot of road riding, or something like London to Paris, and really don’t want a drop bar road bike, then the Quick Carbon bikes are the next best thing.

Cannondale Quick CX and Althea - £549.99 to £1099.99

Cannondale Quick CX 2

The Cannondale Quick CX and Cannondale Althea are the men’s and women’s versions of the same bike. Whereas the standard Cannondale Quick is designed for use on the road and surfaced cycle paths the Quick CX and Althea are designed to handle rougher terrain. These aren’t mountain bikes but they are happy on canal towpaths, old railway lines, forest tracks, cycle paths and rough country lanes while still being quick on tarmac.

The frame on the Quick CX and Althea is different from the standard Quick with mountain bike inspired geometry to make them tougher and easier to handle off-road. The Quick CX and Althea’s all come with suspension forks at the front with 50mm of travel to soak up the bumps (a standard mountain bike fork is 100mm). They also use Cannondale’s SAVE micro suspension technology at the back. The hydraulic disc brakes and knobbly 38c tyres give plenty of stopping power and grip so you can be confident whether you are tackling rough trails or the morning commute.

With their ability to handle off-road riding as well as tarmac the Quick CX and Althea bikes are incredibly versatile. They also come with all the mounts you need for pannier racks and mudguards so they are great for commuting or light touring.

Cannondale CAADX, Topstone and Synapse Al

None of these are what would normally be called hybrids but they are all bikes that Cannondale recommend for commuting, general leisure riding and other things that you would normally find a hybrid being used for.


The CAADX is really a cyclocross race bike but it’s one that Cannondale expect will do double duty as a commuter and general run around. The CAADX give you the speed of a road bike with the ability to handle really rough off-road riding while still taking panniers and mudguards. If your riding involves mixing roads with paths and tracks the CAADX will handle it all with fast and sharp handling. The CAADX range starts from £999

Cannondale Topstone Sora

The Cannondale Topstone is one of the new generation of gravel bikes. It is specifically designed for riding on gravel roads and tracks while still being reasonably fast on the road. Like the CAADX Cannondale expect it to be used as a commuter so it can take all the racks and guards you need. The handling on the Topstone is less race orientated than the CAADX and will be slightly more stable, but less nimble, off-road. The Topstone range starts from £899

Cannondale Synapse Al Sora

The Synapse AL is part of Cannondale’s line of endurance road bikes. These bikes designed mainly for on-road use but don’t mind the odd rougher bit of cycle track or occasional stretch of gravel. If you want a bike that will be really fast on the road then this is the one to go for. Like the CAADX and Topstone it will take mudguards and racks. The Synapse AL range starts from £849