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Bontrager Saddles Buyers Guide

Words by Cycles UK

on 18/01/2019 14:48:00

2018 Trek Zektor 3 Stagger riding

Bontrager make a huge range of saddles to cover everything from professional racing, to commuting or your Sunday morning café ride. All Bontrager saddles are covered by our comfort guarantee. So if you buy one and you don’t like it you can exchange it for a different one within 30 days free of charge.

To help you make the right decision in the first place you need to understand the basics of how Bontrager’s saddle range works. Like Fabric saddles, Bontrager saddles are not mountain bike or road bike specific. Instead they are based around how you like to sit on the bike. Your posture on the bike determines the position of your pelvis and that in turn determines the shape of saddle you need. Bontrager have 5 posture positions:

· Posture 5 – Is for leisure riders who want a really upright riding position for casual rides or popping to the shops.

· Posture 4 – Is for fitness riders and commuters who want a fairly upright riding position but want to be able to go a bit faster and ride longer distances.

· Posture 3 – Is for most road cyclists and mountain bikers who want good balance of performance and comfort. Riders in this position will typically sit with their back in about a 45 degree angle.

· Posture 2 – Is for racers who like to ride in a really aggressive position. For road cyclists this will mean spending a lot of time on the drops. For mountain bikers it will mean fast XC and marathon riding.

· Posture 1 – Is for triathlon and time trial riders who want to get into a really aero position.

Saddle width, rails and trim

Once you have decided what posture you want to be in you can then look at saddle width and the materials it is made from. Most Bontrager saddles come in 3 widths depending on how far apart your sit bones are. If you aren’t sure what width you need we can get you measured up in-store.

A lot of the Bontrager saddles come in 3 price points; comp, elite and pro. This refers to the standard of the materials used in the construction and to the saddle rails. Typically comp saddles have steel rails, elite saddles have titanium rails and pro saddles have carbon rails. Carbon and titanium saddles are obviously lighter than steel ones but they will also have a bit more flex and cushioning in them so you get a more comfortable ride.

Bontrager Saddles Posture Positions

Posture 1 = Hilo Pro and Hilo Comp Saddles

Posture 2 = Montrose Comp, Montrose Elite, Montrose Pro, Ajna Comp, Ajna Elite and Ajna Pro

Posture 3 = Arvada Comp, Arvada Elite and Arvada Pro

Posture 4 = Commuter Comp and Sport Men’s and Sport Women’s

Posture 5 = Boulevard