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A New Alternative to The Shimano M324 Pedals

Words by Cycles UK

on 18/02/2021 10:00:31


Lots of people who are new to using clip-in pedals, or who want to use their bike for a mix of activities, ask for a pedal with SPD cleats on one side and a flat pedal on the other. This lets you ride the bike with your normal shoes or with clip-in SPD shoes. For years the go to answer has been the Shimano M324 pedal which is flat on one side, has a cleat on the other, and comes in at a very reasonable price. The only downsides of the M324 are that they are heavy, don’t look particularly great and don’t work brilliantly off-road. LOOK may have answered all of these issues with their new Geo Trekking pedals which offer a real alternative to the Shimano M324.

Shimano M324 Pedals

The Shimano M324 Pedal

Who are LOOK?


LOOK are a French company who basically invented the modern clip-in road bike pedals. Their triangular Delta design was based on ski bindings and became widely adopted by professional cyclists in the mid-1980s. It is still the standard design for professional and amateur road cyclists today.

LOOK Geo Trekking Pedal Range

The Geo Trekking pedals don’t use LOOK’s classic Delta design. Instead they use a standard 2 bolt mountain bike SPD cleat which is compatible with pedals made by Shimano and by lots of other brands including Bontrager. There are 3 basic models in the LOOK Geo trekking range:

LOOK Geo Trekking Pedals - £59


This is the basic pedal in the range. At 461 grams per pair they are significantly lighter than the M324s which weigh in at 533 grams per pair and we also think they look at lot better. They have an SPD compatible cleat on one side and a large open surface on the other which has composite moulded studs on it to give you decent grip. These pedals are designed for commuting and getting around town.

LOOK Geo Trekking Grip Pedals - £68

Look Geo Trekking Grip

This version comes with a much bigger surface on the non-clip side of the pedal. It is made from a soft elastomer material to give plenty of grip without any risk of your shoes getting damaged. This makes them great for use if you want to hop on your bike in your normal shoes. Although they look chunkier the Geo Trekking Grip pedals are still 20 grams lighter than a Shimano M324.

LOOK Geo Trekking Roc pedals - £95

Look Geo Trekking Roc Pedals

This is the off-road version of the Geo Trekking platform. The flat side of the pedal comes with 8 traction pins which are designed to dig into the soles of your shoes for proper grip. The body of the pedal is also made of aluminium so it can take hits from rocks and roots on the trail. This version of the Geo Trekking pedal gives real off-road performance and is still around 12 grams lighter than an M324 pedal.

LOOK Geo Trekking Vision - £95 to £130

Look Geo Trekking Vision pedals

Both the standard Geo Trekking pedal and the Geo Trekking Roc are available in Vision variants. The Vision version comes with rechargeable LED lights which attached to each side of the pedal and which are visible from 400 metres away. As the lights are attached to the pedals they are constantly moving and so become really noticeable to drivers. This is a great option for anyone commuting in heavy traffic.