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2020 Cannondale Electric Bikes Range Guide

Words by Cycles UK

on 01/02/2020 09:56:42

Cannondale Habit Neo

Cannondale have been making electric bikes for a couple of years but for 2020 they have hugely increased their range. Cannondale are now making electric bikes for virtually all kinds of cycling including road, mountain, touring and commuting.

We have demo bikes available for a lot of the 2020 Cannondale electric range so you can test them out yourself.

Cannondale have always been known as a brand that do thing a little differently. They take a very engineering and designed lead approach to making bikes and often create new standards, and new technologies to make bikes work how they want them. This is true of their electric bikes as well with many of the Cannondale bikes using a proprietary motor mount in combination with their AI asymmetrical back ends. This helps keep the centre of gravity low and chain stays short to make better handling and more nimble bikes.

In this guide we will look at the different bikes Cannondale are making, and the different types of riding they are intended for.

Cannondale Electric Road Bikes

Cannondale’s electric road bikes are interesting because they cover two very different approaches to making electric bikes.

2020 Cannondale Synapse Neo – from £3299

2020 Cannondale Synapse NEO SE

The Synapse Neo is, what is currently, a ‘traditional’ electric bike. It has a Bosch motor mounted at the bottom bracket and a battery as part of the downtube of the frame. With this system the motor and battery are designed to always be on, providing extra power in the background all the time. This is a tried and tested system and can be found on lots of bikes. The advantage is that you get great range, constant help and consistent performance. The downside is that it makes the bike pretty heavy.

The Synapse Neo is designed for the same purpose as the non-electric Synapse. It is an endurance road bike designed for long rides on rough roads, and even the odd bit of gravel. If you want to do a lot of gravel there is the SE version with bigger tyres and there is also an EQ version that comes with mudguards.

2020 Cannondale SuperSix Evo NEO- from £3599

2020 Cannondale Supersix Evo Neo 1 Graphite

The non-electric SuperSix is a lightweight carbon fibre race bike with aero profile tubing. The SuperSix Neo takes the same concept and adds a rear hub motor and hidden battery. The SuperSix Neo is designed to ride like a standard non-electric bike for most of your ride. But when you need a boost you can press a button on the top tube to turn the electric motor on to get you up a hill, or battle a headwind on the last leg home. The range of the battery on the SuperSix Neo is around half that on the Synapse but the bike is much lighter so you won’t need it as often.

Cannondale Electric Mountain Bikes

All of the electric mountain bikes that Cannondale make use the same Bosch mid-mount motor and downtube battery. The difference comes in the type of riding they are intended for.

2020 Cannondale Trail Neo – from £2299

2020 Cannondale Trail Neo 2

The Trail Neo is a hardtail mountain bike that can also double up as a general purpose electric bike. With large 29” wheels it will roll quickly on the road and comes with pre-wired light cables as well as mudguard and pannier rack mounts so you can easily convert it for commuting.

The Trail Neo is designed to be light and lively on everything from serious singletrack to city streets. Short chain stays for agility and traction, a slack head angle for solid stability, and a battery and drive unit positioned as low and centrally as possible create a surprisingly nimble, yet steady feel.

2020 Cannondale Habit Neo – From £3999

2020 Cannondale Habit Neo3

The Habit Neo is built on a simple concept. Cannondale took their most fun trail mountain bike and put a motor on it. The full suspension Habit Neo is designed for trail rising so it can handle the uphills, be efficient on the flat and be loads of fun on the downhills. It is designed to be playful and poppy when you want it; confident and precise when you need it. The head angle is slack, the stays are short and the seat angle is steep. The drive unit and battery sit low and central in the frame. All to help you wring more flow from every inch of trail.

2020 Cannondale Moterra Neo – from £4499

2020 Cannondale Moterra Neo 1

The Moterra is designed for riders who focus on the downhills. With 160mm travel (180mm on the SE version) the Moterra is setup for gravity assisted riding. It is perfect for enduro style events and tracks and with a powerful Bosch motor and battery it can easily get you back up the hills again so you can be your own uplift service.

Cannondale Electric Hybrid and City Bikes

Hybrid and city is one of the biggest categories of electric bike in the market. In many places in Europe and America people are using electric bikes to get around instead of cars as they are quicker, cheaper, greener and give you a bit of exercise as well. Like the Cannondale road bikes there is a mix of ‘always on’ electric and ‘push button’ electric in the range.

2020 Cannondale Treadwell Neo - £1799

2020 Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remixte

The Treadwell Neo is designed to ride like a normal bike most of the time but has an electric rear hub motor and hidden battery to give you assistance when you need it. So if you hit a hill, or have just had a long day, you can turn the power on.

The Treadwell is designed as a bike for cruising around the city on. It has wide tyres and a relaxed riding position. The Treadwell comes connected with integrated wheel sensor that helps track your activity (like speed, distance and calories burned). You can mount your smart phone to the bike to monitor your stats as you go. There are two frame options on the Treadwell with the unisex Remixte option having a dropped top tube to make it easier to get on an off.

2020 Cannondale Quick Neo SL - £1999

2020 Cannondale Quick Neo SL Remixte

The Quick Neo SL uses the same kind of push button rear hub motor as the Treadwell. So you can ride it as a normal bike most of the time and then turn the motor on when you want it. Where the Treadwell Neo is designed for cruising around town the Quick Neo is more for speedy commuting and fitness riding. It comes with skinnier tyres, a lighter frame and a sportier riding position.

2020 Cannondale Canvas Neo – From £2999

2020 Cannondale Canvas neo

Where the Treadwell and Quick Neo bikes have a motor you can turn on when you need it the Canvas Neo is designed to have the Bosch motor on all the time, giving variable assistance as you need it. The mid-mounted motor gives smoother acceleration and the larger battery gives you a much bigger range. Cannondale have used a Bosch Powerline motor on the Canvas. These are normally used on electric mountain bikes so it will give you plenty of power.

The Canvas Neo is designed for urban usage. It gives comfort and control with an upright but sporty riding position, and big, grippy, bump-erasing tyres. It comes with integrated mudguards, bright front and rear lights and a weather-sealed battery cover as well as reflective graphics. There Canvas Neo comes in a unisex Remixte frame option to make it easier to get on and off the bike.

2020 Cannondale Tesoro Neo – From £2699

2020 Cannondale Tesoro Neo 2

The Tesoro Neo uses a similar concept to the Canvas Neo. It has a Bosch mountain bike motor, big battery and comes fitted with accessories like mudguards and lights. Where the Canvas is designed for city use the Tesoro is designed for exploring and adventures. It can handle gravel roads, tracks, canal towpaths and rough cycle paths while still being fast enough to use on the road. It comes with knobbly tyres and a suspension fork for extra grip and bump absorption and has the option for you to mount a second battery to it to extend the range.