2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Short Travel, Long Travel & Evo

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on 24/08/2018 11:31:00


Back in April, we posted about Specialized’s new Stumpjumper that had just been released. Back then the only models on sale were carbon, there were no aluminium bikes and the Evo wasn’t obtainable either.

Now the full range is available in a broad selection of different geometries, specs and colours, meaning that there is a Stumpjumper for everyone and Specialized’s flagship mountain bike, with all its heritage is more diverse than ever.

SPECIALIZED_Stumpjumper 2019

Recognise the paint job?

Stumpy Retro

The Stumpjumper was the first ever mass-production mountain bike, first produced in 1981. The image above is from the 1991 Specialized catalogue and is of a Stumpjumper Comp.

Short Travel

The short travel Stumpjumper is the replacement of the Camber in 2019, which benefits from the same ‘side arm’ frame as the long travel Stumpjumper just with shorter travel and for the entry level model, a money conscious spec. It comes in Mens 29 inch wheel and Women’s 27.5 inch wheel models in aluminium both at £1700. The short travel also comes in a number of carbon specs including an S-works model. All 29 models have 130mm of travel front and 120mm of travel rear, whereas the 27.5 models have 130mm of travel front and rear.

Men's Stumpjumper Short Travel

Much like the Camber, you can put longer travel suspension on the bike with a rear shock adaptor to turn it into the long travel Stumpjumper at a later date should you wish, meaning the bike is very customisable.

Long Travel

This is the standard Stumpjumper set up we are used to with 150mm of travel front and rear on the 27.5 inch wheel models and 150mm of travel front and 140mm of travel rear on the 29 inch wheel models. This sits between the ST and Evo models in terms of downhill capability and is the more all round/all mountain bike. Just like the ST, it comes in carbon and aluminium specs for both Men and Women and the entry level model covers an important price point at £2500.

Stumpjumper womens comp carbon 2019

It’s worth mentioning that The differences between the Men’s and Women’s models are not in the frame itself but in the suspension and contact points. Specialized have designed their suspension set ups to take in to account the rider, wheel size and frame size, so the Women’s models are tuned for women and for each frame and wheel size. The handlebars are shorter, which shortens the reach, and a Women’s specific saddle is used.

Another new addition to the range is a few models with 12 speed drivetrains in new colours. For the entry level LT Stumpy this pushes the price up to £2600, but you may be thankful you spent the extra £100 when you are lugging all that travel up the hill, even though the bike is very light.


The Evo is the rowdy super slack pumped up version of the Stumpjumper and is designed for the more aggressive, downhill orientated trail rider. The bike is longer, lower and has a slacker front end and instead of using standard sizing it uses the same sizing as the Demo. There are two sizes, the S2 and S3, the size difference not being in seat tube length but in how long, low and slack the bike is, so you can choose the size that suits your riding style. The Evo has the same amount of travel as the LT Stumpjumper but only comes in Aluminium.

Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 2019

Confused by all this hip language like rowdy, slack and gnarly? Maybe this video will help you understand what the Stumpjumper Evo is all about.