Trek Electric Bike Range Guide

Trek Electric Bike Range Guide

Trek Electric Bike Range Guide

The Trek electric bike range has been pretty enormous at times. This has mainly been due to a single model of bike being available in multiple battery and colour variations so you quickly ended up with dozens of variants. Thankfully Trek have scaled this back a little recently, and their electric bike range is now easier to understand.

Until recently nearly all Trek electric bikes came with Bosch motors. For the 2023 season they are continuing with Bosch but also introducing motors from new brands like TQ and Hydrive on selected models.

Trek FX+ - £2250

Best for - Everyday errands around town where you need a little bit of extra assistance

The FX+ is a new bike for 2023 and just comes in one model, the FX+ 2. It’s a lightweight city bike that uses a Hydrive rear hub motor and has a 250wh battery. This gives a bit of an extra boost as you are commuting or running errands. It has a range of 56km with the option to add another 250wh range extender battery to double that. The FX+ comes ready fitted with mudguards, racks and lights.

Trek Dual Sport+ - £2150

Best for - everyday riding around town and on mixed surface paths and tracks

The Dual Sport+ us also new for 2023 and comes with the same Hydrive rear hub motor and 250wh battery as the FX+. Interestingly it has a range of 55km rather than 56km on the FX+. This is due to the Dual Sport+ using smaller wheels with bigger tyres. Like it’s acoustic counterpart, the Dual Sport+ electric bike is designed for use on mixed terrain including roads, paths and gravel tracks. This makes it great for running errands or weekend fitness rides.

Trek Verve+ Hybrid Bike – From £2000

Best for - shopping and commuting with full power assistance and a bigger range

The Verve+ is a traditional shopping style, or Dutch style, bike. It comes with an upright riding position and is setup to be very practical. Most models come with mudguards, racks and a stand fitted as standard. It is a bike for getting to the shops, work or the café with minimal fuss and in your regular clothes. All of the Verve+ bikes use a mid-step Bosch motor. This gives more power than the hub motor found on the FX+ and Dual Sport+ so you get a greater level of assistance. As the motor is centrally mounted it makes the bike very stable but it does also make it a little heavier.

The top 2 models in the range, the Verve 3+ and 4+ come with a battery mounted inside the frame of the bike. The cheaper Verve 1+ and 2+ have an externally mounted battery. All come with a choice of battery sizes from 300wh on the entry level Verve+1 up to 725wh on the Verve+ 3 and 4.

Trek Allant+ - from £3100

Best for - riding on mixed terrain and surfaces in comfort and with plenty of power and range

Where the Verve+ is mainly intended for everyday use around town the Allant+ is also designed to handle some rougher roads and tracks. It comes with smaller wheel, bigger tyres and mountain bike style gears. This makes it generally a bit sturdier and more suitable for use on mixed terrain. Like the Verve+ it’s available with a choice of different battery sizes with the cheaper bikes having external batteries and the more expensive ones having internal batteries.

Trek District+ - from £3650

Best for - commuting in style and comfort with a clean, no mess, belt drive system

The District+ is Trek’s posh commuting bike. It still comes with a Bosch motor and a choice of battery sizes but all the batteries are internal. The District+ gets rid of the standard chain and cassette gearing found on Trek’s other electric bikes and swaps it for a belt drive and an internal hub. On the higher models such as the District+ 5 this is a Enviolo which is an automatic hub. These changes, and a few other special touches, make the District+ an absolute pleasure to ride as you glide to work in style.

Trek Powerfly Hardtail – from £3250

Best for - cross country mountain bike rides and commuting

For 2023 there are Gen 3 and Gen 4 versions of the Powerfly hardtail available. The Gen 3 bike is essentially the same as the 2022 model. The Gen 4 bike has an updates Bosch motor and battery system. The difference is that you will pay an extra £300 to £400 for the Gen 4 bike with the latest tech. Or, to look at it differently, you can save yourself £300 to £400, and still get a great bike by going for the Gen 3 model.

Whether you go for a Gen 3 or a Gen 4 Powerfly what you are getting is an electric hardtail mountain bike powered by a Bosch motor and battery. The very entry level model has a 500wh battery and then all the others use a 625wh battery with the Bosch Performance CX mountain bike motor. In common with most of Trek’s mountain bike the Xsmall and Small sizes come with 27.5” wheels and then the bigger sizes come with 29” wheels. As you go up the range from the Powerfly 4 to the Powerfly 7 you gradually get battery quality gears, brakes, wheels and suspension forks.

Trek Powerfly Sport – from £3800

Best for - commuting on rough routes where you need a tough bike

The Powerfly Sport is a factory modified version of the standard Powerfly Hardtail designed for commuting. It swaps out the mountain bike tyres for some hybrid tyres and adds on mudguards, a rack and lights. You still get a Bosch Performance CX motor and the Powerfly Sport 4 comes with a 500wh battery while the Powerfly 7 Sport comes with a 625wh one.

Trek Powerfly Full Suspension – from £4250

Best for - cross country mountain bike rides with full power assistance

The full suspension version of the Powerfly is a short travel mountain bike designed for cross country riding. It has 100mm of suspension travel at the back and 120mm at the front, which is pretty short for an electric bike which are normally 140mm or more. The rest of the bike is very similar to the hardtail as it continues to use Bosch Performance CX motors and 625wh batteries on most models. 

Trek Fuel EXe – from £6400

Best for - trail rides where handling is more important than full on power

New for 2023 the Fuel EXe is part of a new generation of lightweight electric mountain bikes. It sits alongside bikes like the Orbea Rise and the Specialized Turbo Levo SL. They all use a smaller motor and smaller battery to keep the weight of the bike down. This makes them ride more like a normal mountain bike and the reduced weight means you still get decent mileage out of them.

The Fuel EXe uses a brand new motor which is exclusive to Trek. It is a harmonic ring motor made by a German company called TQ who normally make motors for space probes. This has less moving parts than a conventional electric bike motor so is smaller, lighter, quieter and should be less maintenance.

There are currently 6 bikes in the Fuel EXe range with the top bike being over £14000. All use carbon frames and 29” wheels and come with 140mm of travel at the back and 150mm at the front. This puts them firmly into trail bike territory as an all round bike.

Trek Rail – from £4900

Best for - enduro and gravity focussed trail riding with plenty of power to get back up the hills

The Rail is Trek’s long travel, full power, electric mountain bike. It uses Bosch motors and either 625wh or 750wh batteries. With 150mm of travel at the back and 160mm at the front the Rail is effectively an electric enduro bike. It’s design to handle really gnarly descents and then get you back to the top of the hill for another run. There are both aluminium frame and carbon fibre frame versions of the Rail with carbon starting at about £7000.

Like the Powerfly the Rail is available in different generations with Gen 2, Gen 3 and Gen 4 bikes all being available in 2023. As with the Powerfly the major difference is whether they use the very latest Bosch motors and batteries or whether they have last years tech.

Trek Domane+ - from £3200

Best for - road riding with enough extra power to make hills and headwinds a little bit easier

There are 2 versions of the Domane+. The ALR has an aluminium frame for £3200 and then SLR version has a carbon frame and they start at £8000. The ALR bike uses the same Hydrive rear hub motor found on the FX+ and Dual Sport+, while the SLR version uses a TQ motor like those found on the Fuel EXe.

Both the ALR and SLR versions of the Domane+ are electric road bikes. They ride pretty much like a normal road bike would but with a little extra power to get you up the hills and help you with the head winds. In common with the analogue Domane the electric Domane+ has clearance for wide tyres and can be used for some light gravel riding as well as rough country lanes.

All prices are correct as of October 2022

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