The New Orbea Rise Range

The New Orbea Rise 2021 Mountain Bike range has a strong concept behind it.

Orbea’s brand is synonymous in the mountain bike arena. Known for their inventive and empathetic approach to components, build quality and attention to detail all the way to the paint job.

Designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment. The Orbea Rise range is capable of handling the widest variety of terrain without making big compromises in any aspect of performance. Orbea wants to give the benefits of an e-bike without losing the joy of riding manually.

They achieved this by rising to the challenge and creating their own power plant for the new Orbea Rise. Orbea believed that this would be the only way to realise the goal of a complete Rider Synergy system for trail bikes. When Shimano shared the plans for their new EP8 motor. Orbea realised that this awesome drive unit offered the perfect platform on which to build their RS Power concept. Working jointly with Shimano, Orbea developed the proprietary electronics and batteries. While Shimano configured their EP8 motor to work perfectly with Orbea’s specific RS firmware.

Rider Synergy (RS)

A new riding experience that enhances the joy of traditional trail riding. With smooth support that feels as natural and alive as your own body. The idea seems to be to remove the disconnection an electric bike and rider can have, by creating a bike that enhances but doesn’t dominate the ride. A concept created in league with Shimano. So the harder you pedal, the more power the Rise responds with. Giving you immediate and full assistance while retaining a natural feel at the right time in the right places.

Rise’s custom electronics are tuned so peak power delivery comes at rider cadences of 75-95 rpm. No coincidence, as this range happens to be where experienced riders produce the most power and efficiency. Optimising human and bike interaction and enhancing natural riding.

RS battery pack

Is light small and discrete. Lower power consumption and more reliance on your legs extend battery consumption to up to 4 hours. For longer rides, you can get the range extender. Which gives an additional 4 hours ride time that’s an eight-hour day in the saddle.


As we are all different riders and we have different needs, Orbea Rise comes with two pre-set RS Power profiles. It takes seconds to fine-tune profiles to your liking, using the Shimano E-tube mobile app. Profile one delivers a more subtle support feel, maximising range, and a natural riding experience. Profile two is tuned for slightly more assistance within the RS Power parameters.

RS interface

An uncluttered, a simple switch and two LEDs to broadcast data. The power button is tucked away by the bottom bracket. All wires are routed internally—the same with the charging port on the side of the seat tube. Protected by tough water and dirt-proof cover. Rise benefits from the classic GPS and cycle computer data. Orbea developed a unique tool that adapts the Garmin IQ ecosystem. So you can send all the data you could wish for to your favourite cycle computer or smartwatch. The Garmin IQ stores your stats and info. So you can study your ride, share stats with friends. It is even able to show you how much battery was used in that epic ride you want to repeat. 

Orbea Monocoque Race (OMR) frames 

Adding a high modulus and high strength fibres to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios.

Bladder moulding with EPS forms and PU headtube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength. The Rise can weigh as little as 16,5 kg or 36,3lbs. The beauty of the RS system is that assistance torque and power is provided within a range where normal, high-quality trail bike components can be used.

Alloy E*thirteen 32T Chainring

Without the need for an overbuilt steel chainring, Orbea developed an exclusive alloy forged and CNC-finished 32T chainring that fits the EP8 RS spider for weight savings but more importantly perfect gearing.

Maxxis EXO+ Rekon Maxx Terra

Orbea worked directly with Maxxis to create an EXO+ version of one of their favourite Trail tires – the Rekon 2.4 3C Maxx Terra EXO+ is an Orbea exclusive.

Final word

Rise ticks all the boxes an e-bike that’s lightweight and as close to a manual bike as you can get whilst still benefitting from an e-motor. When it comes to weight, noise, and visual distractions, the Rise has done it all for you already. Orbea has paid Huge attention to detail and desire has been paid to create something simple yet complex and efficient. Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency, or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise is beyond expectations and the new standard in eMTB.