All New Trek Madone Gen 8

All New Trek Madone Gen 8

All New Trek Madone Gen 8

Trek have combined elements of their lightweight Emonda road bike, and elements of their aero Madone road bike to make the new Madone Gen 8. The one true ultimate race bike.

The new Madone Gen 8 is made from entirely new 900 Series OCLV Carbon and new innovative tube shaping to shave weight. The Madone Gen 8 frame is as light as the current Émonda SLR and 320 grams lighter than the previous Madone. The Madone Gen 8 makes these weight savings without sacrificing speed. It is just as fast as the previous Madone and 77 sec/hr faster than the Émonda.

Probably the most distinctive part of the new Madone Gen 8 is the IsoFlow cut-out in the seat tube. The updated IsoFlow technology is even lighter and up to 80% more vertically compliant than before. It allows a small amount of flex in the frame, without any moving parts, absorbing road chatter. This allows you to stay in the saddle, on the power, for longer on rough roads and reduce muscle fatigue.


Like most Trek road bikes the new Madone is available as either an SL or an SLR model. The SL shares all the same frame technology as the SLR model, but uses slightly more economical 500 Series OCLV Carbon and two-piece handlebar/stem combos. SL models are also mechanical compatible so you can run a wider range of gears.

Most of the SLR bikes are built to order and at the time of launch have lead times of up to 120 days. The SL bikes are off the shelf and there are either available at launch or within a couple of months.

New Sizing

The New Madone Gen 8 is the first Trek road bike to move onto their new sizing system. Instead of the traditional sizes (54cm, 56cm etc) they are moving to names sizing (small, medium, large). All new Trek road bikes will use this sizing system in the future. going forward. The idea is to have less sizes overall but to cover more riders. The chart below shows how the old and new sizing maps.

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