Cycles UK is now Recycling Tyres

Cycles UK is now Recycling Tyres!

Save the world, ride a bike is probably something you’ve heard before. Looking after the environment is more vital now than ever before. Plus with petrol prices up, it has never made more sense to use the bike for as many journeys as possible. 

Cycles UK has been recycling all our cardboard boxes for several years now. We’re always looking to improve; isn’t every cyclist?! So we are incredibly pleased to say Cycles UK can now Recycle your tyres and inner tubes for a small cost. £1.50 for a tyre, 50p for an innertube. So if you get your tyres or tubes changed at Cycles Uk, we’ll recycle the old ones. You can also bring us any old tyres or tubes, and we’ll recycle those for you too. It’s a big deal that tyres in landfills can take 50-80 years to break down, so this is a great scheme that we hope you’ll find helpful too.

Cycles UK has always taken the environment seriously. This is why we stock practical bike brands like Riese and Mūller, who focus on bikes for everyday tasks like getting the kids to school or doing the weekly shop; yep, you can do your big shop on a bike. We encourage cycling to work and offer as many flexible ways to buy bikes from us as possible (Klarna, Cycle to work and Assetsure finance). It’s also why we are always trying to increase our recycling and reduce our company waste in landfills. 

So if you’re looking for a bike to make more practical journeys on or a way to buy a bike that’s a little less of a Whack to your wallet, we’re here.