Cycle To Work

Cycle to Work – Bike2Work Scheme

Cycles UK accepts Cycle to Work – Bike2Work Scheme vouchers in our stores and online. You can use your Bike2Work Scheme voucher on bikes from the world’s best brands including Trek, Specialized, Whyte, Cannondale, GT and Raleigh. 

There are no hidden charges or extra fees when you use a Cycle to Work – Bike2Work Scheme voucher at Cycles UK

How to pay with a Bike2Work Scheme Voucher

With Bike2Work you need to get a quote for the bike and equipment that you want from us first. Once you have your voucher it will say on it what bike and equipment you are having. Just bring that back to us with your ID and we can give you the bike. If you are ordering online the process is the same but we normally do it all by email. To get the initial quote just send an email to let us know what you want to

As Bike2Work involves a few steps we will normally reserve the bike for you and arrange a collection or delivery time once you have the voucher. 

How to get a Bike2Work Scheme Voucher

There are a few steps to getting a Bike2Work Scheme voucher. First of all, you will need to get a PIN from your employer to log in to the Bike2Work website. Next, you will get a quote from us either via email or in-store. You can then use that quote to complete an online form and get approval from your employer. Once your employer has given the OK you get a voucher and we can give you the bike. 

Although it sounds a bit fiddly the process is actually fairly quick and easy.

If you have any questions about using the Bike2Work scheme just give us a call on 01268 745556 or email