CAMS Accident Assistance

CAMS Accident Assistance

CAMS Accident Assistance

At Cycles UK we provide 14 days free insurance with all new bikes. We recommend that all bike owners take out insurance to cover them against theft and accidents. If you do get into a road traffic accident that isn’t your fault, and you can’t claim on insurance, then CAMS Accident Assistance is a great option.

Who are CAMS?

CAMS are the cycling wing of an accident management company that has been in business for 25 years. They work on a no win no fee basis and will deduct 25% of your injury compensation. All other compensation like clothing, personal belongings, loss of earnings you get in full. They have specialists road traffic accident investigators and solicitors.

Why choose CAMS?

CAMS Accident Assistance make themselves different by replacing or repairing your bike upfront.  This means you don't have to wait for the insurance company to pay out. They are also heavily involved in supporting cycling in the UK and sponsor professional road teams.

What do Cycles UK do?

Our expert team of mechanics can assess your bike for damages sustained in the accident and inform CAMS of the results directly whilst keeping you in the loop. We can do a valuation on the bike, plus the cost of any clothing or accessories which have been damaged. Together with CAMS we will handle all the main tasks including

  • Prepare a full detailed accident report.
  • Repair your bicycle to the standard before the accident happened.
  • Having a solicitor represent your interests and deal with the driver’s insurance company.

Because you’ll be dealing with your local Cycles UK shop we can make sure you are getting repairs, or a replacement, of the right quality and with the correct accessories you need.

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