Altura Spring/Summer 2023 Clothing Preview

Altura Spring/Summer 2023 Clothing Preview

Altura Spring/Summer 2023 Clothing Preview

Altura are a UK based bike clothing and luggage company. They’ve been designing and testing all their clothing and bags in the UK for 25 years. Although they’re best known for their commuting jackets Altura make a full range of bike clothing for road, mountain, gravel and city riding.

For the Spring/Summer 2023 season Altura have built on work they’ve been doing for the last few years to add more recycled fabrics to their range. They’ve also been working to remove as much plastic as possible from their packaging.

Alongside Altura’s move to more sustainable fabrics they are incorporating more premium technology into their range. For their shorts they’ve co-developed their own padding with European manufacturer Berenis and Elastic Interface. For their jackets and jerseys they are using fabrics from manufacturers including Schoeller, Silvadur, Polartec and Pertex.

One of the strengths of the Altura clothing range is that a lot of it can be used for different types of riding. A lot of their gravel clothing work for commuting and mountain biking and a lot of their road clothing also crosses over to gravel or commuting use. It’s still useful to look at how Altura break down their range.

Altura Mountain Bike Collection

Most of the Altura mountain bike clothing fits into the ranges of Ridge, Esker, Kielder. Ridge is the top end, most expensive and Kielder is the cheapest. The Ridge shorts and jerseys include DWR water resistant coatings and abrasive resistant panels. This makes the clothing more durable and makes sure they work in changeable British weather. The Kielder shorts and jerseys are lighter weight and made from recycled fabrics. They’re also designed to look good off the bike which makes them a good choice for commuting as well.

Altura Gravel Collection

All Roads is Altura’s gravel collection. It’s probably the most versatile part of the Altura range with clothing that’s designed to look good on and off the bike. It’s great for commuting, touring, light mountain biking and, of course, gravel riding. There’s an All Roads baggy cycling short but also a lycra short with an external storage pocket which works great for more performance and race focussed grave riders.

Altura Road Collection

Altura’s road clothing comes in 4 main families. They are Airstream, Progel, Icon and Endurance.

  • The Airstream range is the entry level and is intended for people looking to do shorter rides of an hour or two at a time. It also doubles up for general leisure riding.
  • Progel is the most popular range of shorts and gloves and is ideal for most people looking to ride for around half day at a time.
  • The Icon range offers a little more style and a nicer cut.
  • The top of the range Endurance clothing is designed for all day, and multi-day, riding.

As you move up through the range you get better quality pads in the shorts, and more fitted, aero cuts to the jerseys with lighter fabrics.

Altura Commuting Collection

Altura split their commuting clothing into two groups; Urban Grid and Urban Nightvision. The Urban Grid range is designed to be used on and off the bike. The jackets, trouser and tights are all styled like ‘normal’ clothing that won’t look out of place if you need to pop to the shops in your lunchbreak or decide to go home via the pub.

The Urban Nightvision collection is the more traditional high viz and reflective clothing that Altura made their name with. The Nevis and Storm are the two best selling jackets in the range. Both come in a variety of colours, including high viz yellow, and are available in men’s and women’s versions.

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