A Kids Bike Designed To Last 3 Summers

Specialized have just launched their new kids bike platform. The Specialized Jett is a kids bike designed To Last 3 Summers. It comes in 16”, 20” and 24” wheel versions to suit kids from 95cm to 147cm tall. The key selling point of the new Jett bikes is that they are designed to be as adjustable as possible. So each size will last kids for up to 3 summers. 

Kid’s bikes are not cheap these days with £300 to £400 being the common price range. It is a big investment for most families. So having a bike that can last for 3 years is important. By being super adjustable the Jett is also more comfortable. That means kids will want to ride their bikes more often. So it’s easier for parents to get them outside having fun, being active and being safe.

How does the Jett last so long?

The Jett has been designed in consultation with the cycling industry’s best bike fitters. Using the same study tactics that they use with world-class athletes. During “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” at the Retül Office in Boulder, Colorado, they gathered data from their own kids. The team put kids on bikes and observed the mechanics of how they were riding, optimizing that data in the design of the Jett. This led to the bikes being fitted with a kids-specific 130mm Bridge Saddle. Narrow q-factor cranks to create proper hip-knee-ankle alignment for the rider. This helps to avoid knee pain and improve pedalling power—so riders can pedal further, faster.

Specialized’s research found that kids grow faster in their arms and legs than in their torso. The Jett comes with 2 different hole positions on the cranks. So the pedals can be moved, an extra long seat post and adjustable handlebars to extend the reach. 

The Jett is a general purpose bike. It is lightweight with the 24” wheel version coming in at just 9.39kg and it comes with fast-rolling Pathfinder tyres. The Jett works great on the road and can also handle light off-road riding such as canal towpaths, old railway lines and cycle paths. 

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