2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide

2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide

2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide

Our 2022 Trek Mountain Bike guide covers everything from Marlin to Fuel, Roscoe and Remedy. Giving you the knowledge to get the right bike.

2022 Trek Marlin Mountain Bike Guide


Previously there has been men’s and women’s specific versions of the Marlin range with their own colour schemes and slightly different specifications. For 2022 all of the Trek Marlin bikes are unisex. 

Frames And Wheel Sizes 

As part of the change to make the 2022 Trek Marlin a unisex bike. It now comes in a much bigger range of wheel sizes, frame sizes and frame shapes. The smallest bikes come with a 26” wheel, designed to suit riders from 4’ 5” to 4’ 9”. The biggest bikes come with a 29” wheel, designed to suit riders from 6’ 5” to 6’ 8”. In between these extremes the Xsmall and Small bikes come with a 27.5” wheel, designed to suit riders from just over 4’ 9” to just under 5’ 5”. The most common sizes (medium, medium/large and large) all come with a 29” wheel. 

As well as coming with smaller wheels the smaller bikes come with curve in the top tube of the frame. This is designed to lower the stand over height of the bike so it is easier to get your feet on the ground. 

2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide: Marlin Standover Guide
Trek 2022 Marlin 4, £450
2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide: Marlin 4

The Marlin 4 is new for 2022 and is the entry-level bike in the range. Trek pitch it as a general use bike, great for commuting and getting around town as much as riding off-road. It comes with all the mounting points you need for luggage racks and mudguards. It comes with Shimano Tourney gears with 3 cogs at the front and 7 at the back. 21 gears total and is equipped with mechanical disc brakes.

Trek 2022 Marlin 5, £525
2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide: Marlin 5

The Marlin 5 is still aimed at riders who want a bit of a general use bike for commuting but it is geared to be used off-road first and foremost. It comes with a couple of key upgrades including a lockout on the suspension fork for more efficient climbing. Hydraulic disc brakes for better all-weather stopping power. Shimano Altus gears with 2 cogs at the front and 8 at the back for 16 gears total. This will give a similar range of usable gears to the Marlin 4 but with less to go wrong. The Shimano Altus equipment is also sturdier than the Tourney level gears on the Marlin 4 so is better suited to off-road use.

Trek 2022 Marlin 6, £625
2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide: Marlin 6

The Marlin 6 is where you shift from a general use bike into a more dedicated off-road mountain bike. It can still be used on the commute, but it is more at home off-road. The biggest change from the Marlin 5 is that the Marlin 6 comes with a 1x chainset. This is now the standard for most proper mountain bikes. It means you get 1 chainring at the front but a wide-range Shimano Deore 10 speed cog at the back. This gives you enough range for off-road riding and will get you up the hills. But that does mean you can end up running out of gears on the longer road sections. The rest of the specification is similar to the Marlin 5 with a lockout suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes.

Trek 2022 Marlin 7, £800
2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide: Marlin 7

Where the Marlin 6 is designed as an off-road-ready bike. The Marlin 7 is designed to get you racing! It comes with the right equipment to let you enter your first XC races. That includes and higher quality Rockshox fork. Tubeless-ready wheels so you can run the lighter and more puncture-resistant tubeless setup. The gears are the same setup as the Marlin 6 but the brakes are slightly higher quality.

Trek 2022 Marlin 8 - £900
2022 Trek Mountain Bike Guide: Marlin 8

The Marlin 8 is a new model for 2022 and is the top of the range. It is aimed at people who want to race or do bigger off-road adventures. The key upgrade over the Marlin 7 is a Rockshox Air fork with lockout. The air fork lets you can adjust the pressure yourself to suit your own preferences and how you want to ride the bike. Added to this are 1x 12 speed SRAM Eagle gears. With a massive 50T top cog at the back so you can claw your way up even the steepest climbs. Tubeless-ready wheels. Maxxis tyres and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes complete this build to give you a really capable off-road bike.

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