2022 Cycles UK Christmas Gift Guide

2022 Cycles UK Christmas Gift Guide

2022 Cycles UK Christmas Gift Guide

Cycling is more popular than ever so chances are you will need to buy a present for someone who loves riding a bike. We’ve rounded up some easy ideas for you to pick from in our 2022 Cycles UK Christmas Gift Guide.

£20 and Under, Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa

Yep you picked the person in the office you know the least about. Except you realise they ride their bike all the time. "Great" you think, but then you realise the minefield of cycling products and begin to despair. Never fear Cycles UK has you covered.

Electra Bells - £9 TO £15

We sell loads of the Electra Bells all year round but they are especially popular in the run up to Christmas. As well as making a very satisfying sound they come in loads of different designs featuring everything from Cosmic Gnomes to Noodles, Chickens, Cats and Camper vans. The Unicorn bell is our all-time best seller. An Electra bell will always put a smile on a riders face even if just for the comedy value of the design. A great secret Santa or stocking filler.

Pedros Tyre Levers - £4.49

Tyre levers are one of those things that always goes missing when you need them so it pays to have a few pairs around, and if they are bright yellow they are easier to find. Claimed to be the strongest tyre levers available these award winning tools are covered by a lifetime guarantee so if they ever break Pedros will replace them. A great practical gift for any rider, as we mentioned you can never have too many pairs.

Camelbak Podium Bottles - £9 to £18

Most cyclists carry a water bottle and most cyclist’s water bottles turn manky and need replacing after a few years. The Camelbak Podium bottles are the best on the market and are all BPA free so they have a nice clean taste. They’re available in a range of colours and there are insulated versions to keep drinks cold in the summer. Any rider would welcome a Camelback bottle as a gift.

Bontrager Bat Cage - £10.99

If you are going to have a water bottle you will need a bottle cage. The Bontrager Bat cage is made from recycled fishing nets so it helps keep harmful plastics out of the Ocean. Fishing nets account for an estimated 10% of plastic in the ocean and are 4x more damaging than other plastics. It may seem like an odd present but if someone is getting a new bike for Christmas this is perfect and its environmentally conscious too.

£25 to £45, For That Mate Always Banging On About Cycling

Bontrager Track Pumps - £25 to £45

A track pump is a super useful bit of kit which all cyclists should have. Designed to be kept at home they make checking tyre pressures before a ride a breeze and make short work of repairing punctures or changing to new tyres. Any cyclist who doesn’t have one needs one. Bontrager do two of the best track pumps. The Charger is their basic entry level model which works for pretty much all bikes and their Dual Charger allows you to switch between different modes which work better on road and mountain bikes. 

Park Tools WTK-2 Essential Tool Kit - £29.99

Perfect for beginners. The WTK-2 dos what it says on the tin and has all the essentials for on-the-bike repairs. It comes with puncture repair patches, a tyre boot, tyre levers, and a set of hex keys which cover all the most popular sizes. It all comes in a nice pouch which is easy to carry in a pocket, saddle bag or commuting bag.

Park Tools IB-3 I-Beam Multi Tool - £36.99

For cyclists with a bit more knowledge the IB-3 tool lets you complete a massive range to road, or trail, side repairs. It comes with all the hex keys you could want plus screwdriver, tyre lever, spoke keys and a chain tool. It all folds down into a tiny package that will suit even the most weight conscious cyclist. And because it is from Park Tool the bits are all great quality and it will last for ages.

£45 And Up, For The Good Boys and Girls

The Worlds Safest Helmets
Bontrager Ion 100R and Flare R Lights - £59.99

These lights are another staff favourite. They are so bright we've been stopped by other cyclists to ask what they are on early morning rides. Although they are intended for city riding we often use them as daytime running lights on road bikes where they are visible from up to 1km away. As they're really compact they also come in handy as an emergency light on winter mountain bike rides.

Tacx Neo 2T Bundle - £1199.99

If you really want to push the boat out how about a the Tacx Neo 2T Bundle. It comes with a top of the range smart trainer which can be used to race other cyclists in virtual worlds or to follow pro level training schedules. The bundle comes with the Tacx Neo motion plates and vibration (and sweat) absorbing mat and a 6 month subscription to the Tacx app.

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